Thursday, December 22, 2005


Off to bombay in few days, so no blogging for some time now.

Lets's get Personal!

I got this idea after watching a movie. I thought I have written more than 50 posts on my blog, but none of my posts have been about me, or just about me. Almost all of them have been written or shall I say composed. Anyways I thought its time I'll post something about myself which directly comes from my heart or my brain or whatever onto to the keyboard. So I am going write anything that comes to mind this time.(See I wrote that too!).

Ok yes, so where was I about me. Ah! you have read my profile for sure so I ain't going to write anything stereotypic here. One reason I have never written much about myself is that when i started blogging i read somewhere an arguement against blogs, that blogs would never get far than kinky diaries or sweet little confessions which nothing-to-do-types would read or pretend to do so. As for diaries i seriously believe in the fact(believe me its a fact) that 98% of people who write diaries want them to be read secretly, probably because they were never had the courage to talk about it. But i am writing as a future reference, something I'll would like to read in future and i dont mind anybody else reading it coz aint going to write anything i dont want anybody else to know. Just know how I was when at the age of 20, sounds stupid but then you got to do some stupid things in life too. So lets call a character photograph..wierd name too!

Most people who know me would agree that I the most laziest in my entire family including relatives counting all generations. I can kill time like anything sleeping,eating,watching movies and dreaming. I am sure I would have dreamt more than 3/4 of my future life by now in numerous circumstances both good and bad. Day dreaming or dreaming at night any time of the day its not hard for me. whenever i get time. I was quite a studious guy when i was at school, may be i had to be/was expected to be or may didnt have anymore options. I sucked royally at almost outdoor sports coz I never took them seriously but tried them and failed them all. All the ball games.

i love travelling in trains alone and passing time standing at door.Looking at the life around you may be the just the way they show in the hindi movies of the 80's and early 90's-Swaying out arms ofcourse tightly clutched to the safety handles or bars. Probably started doing this may be as early teenage stunts to impress somebody interesting but still love to do that everytime i am travelling alone from baroda to surat or back.

I never have been able figure out if I am an introvert or extrovert I behave very differently in different cricumstances. Was nominated for the title of most talkative person at my school farewell function. Missed that award but pledged that day that from here on..will try to control my tongue just a little bit. My college life started pretty horribly , had really weird roomates in my first year, life almost seemed like hell then. But later i felt that i needed that sort of an experience probably just to know the world. I have always believed in god but never in idol worship.

One thing i really miss in my life is probably doing crazy stuff..something which i can call crazy....Even though sem to have broken all rules,done many weird things, but never really felt they were crazy after doing them. So probably would love to do something crazy like scuba diving or travelling half the country on a bike in future.

I think can continue writing but i am very sleepy i will continue this may be sometime in future.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Well,its the Idea Wave

futureme...Go check it out.Have not used it but its kinda fun reading public entries.What Sh!t people write.

Well I have been doing this for some time now, I am used to writing reminders in my mobile for future dates.(Not exactly the same eh??).Last reminder I wrote is supposed to remind me of yesterday when I am 30 yrs old.This also prevents me of buying a new mobile, because I am really in love with my first mobile.See how big a miser I am.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Shut Up!

“One of the major problems I have faced in my class is to get my Japanese students to speak up and my Indian students to shut up." As told to Mr. Narayan Murthy by a Harvard professor,his friend.

Mr. Murthy adds," We Indians should stop debating and start executing"

As said in "Changing India" a special event hosted by NDTV with Bill Gates and Narayan Murthy as guests in converstaion with Prannoy Roy.

Makes sense doesn't it? We Indians debate and discuss too much, whether it’s the parliament or the TV talk shows. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean that we should debate just for the sake of doing it. Debates must lead to a conclusion.

Start Doing things, rather than just speaking.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

"This country has no future.."

This thought flashed my mind, when I was reading R.K. Laxman's interview by Sonia Faleiro.Do read it very interesting.

“Moving on to the Common Man. How has he evolved in recent times?
I’ve written about it and spoken about it. You’re asking the same
question. Why don’t you read my autobiography? (The Tunnel of Time.)

I have. It describes the creation of the Common Man. I’m asking
how he evolved.
There’s no change. He is as permanent as the moon,
stars. They don’t change, nor does he.”

R.K Laxman can be considered as of the few Indians who have seen it all, all of what this country has seen for past four decades or so. The dour determination with which he answers the question just confirms the stature of this man. Being a cartoonist I am sure he was always more aware of political, social and economic condition of our country presumably at any time in the history of his career.

Perhaps that’s what makes him despair, bereft of all hopes, for the common man.

Another thing that bemuses a bit is a touch of melancholy in his words, something unexpected from a man so successful, or perhaps that’s just his style.

“Frustu” as we call them in our lexicon.

But I believe hope is what makes wheel’s turn, and keeps life ticking. I hope I a won’t be see a day when say to my grandchildren( I am not sure I will be interviewed at the age of 75.)… “This country has no future.”

Life goes on….and will keep going on. To end this, I defiantly announce that this my 50th post, quite a slow start, I guess, for somebody who be started blogging 9 months ago. Perhaps I am playing a test match and I hope to reach the four figures one day. After all nobody’s going to drop me from the test team..(bad!!)


" an art which is best practiced during the day and executed during the night"

by my friend Potu.Master of the art, I am just an amateur at.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

We Pay them

Cricket is a Funny game, but this time around the selectors made it more grotesque. On 14th December 2005 India recorded an emphatic 188 run victory over Srilanka. Soon after the selection committee announced the team for the third test against Srilanka dropping Saurav Ganguly, the most successful Indian captain till date. This decision whetted quite many emotions, sparked off indignation among many of the million.

There are people on both sides of the ring as expected. Some support his exclusion as a brave step with the future in mind while others say there is no reason but politics behind his exclusion.
To each his own view, I am more inclined towards his inclusion simply because I feel that tests require more experience than ODI’s and Saurav certainly strengthens the Indian middle order. I feel it important to mention at this juncture, something which might be considered as a veritable display of modesty being an Indian that I don’t consider myself as a cricket expert.

I am more unnerved by the timing of the decision, lack of accountability by the selectors and finally lack of respect to a great Indian captain. In fact I find some of the reasons given by bloggers more justifiable for his exclusion than the selectors. More importantly I want you to answer a simple question.

What makes BCCI the richest board in world cricket?
Ans. A million Indians.

Why do I keep saying a million Indians is another matter of deep concern, for I believe there’s hardly anyone in our country who knows how many of us are here.

Anyways, we’ll think about that sometime later. I feel that BCCI and the selection board should be more accountable to Indians. Here’s a brief description of our selection committee.

“North’s Bhupinder Singh (Sr) featured in a couple of ODIs, never quite coming
into contention for a Test berth.

The other two, Sanjay Jagdale (Central) and East’s Ranjib Biswal, never got beyond the domestic first-class

Indeed, even among the old-timers — West’s Kiran More and
V.B.Chandrasekhar (South) — the former alone has played both Tests and ODIs.
Chandrasekhar had seven ordinary appearances in the sport’s chota version.”

Source This artcile from the Telegraph.

I feel the best should only be the part of the selection committee. BCCI’s esteemed constitution should be amended so that it is more accountable to the people of this country. I don’t hesitate even a bit to say that indirectly we pay them. They are rich because cricket is worshipped in our country.

Nayan Mongia I remember was gifted a similar kind treatment. And then again, Have they forgotten about Zaheer khan and Balaji.

Our selectors have to be more accountable and respectable.

In the midst of all

Below are links to some posts which I found interesting to the present controversy.

Gaurav Sabnis paints a grotesquery of comparison between the classic Brutus vs Caesar and the present Dravid vs Ganguly.
"Have a frank chat with Ganguly, and leave him alone with a gun and a single bullet,metaphorically speaking. Tell him that things have reached a point of no return, but that he still deserves to go out like a General. Give him a leeway of a few tests and suggest to him that he announce his retirement. Surely, they could afford to give him that much
Nothing can be more agreeable, they not only can afford to give him a leeway, but they and Indian cricket owes that much to Ganguly. Much like what Australian cricket did to Steve Waugh.

An interesting article in the telegraph vehemently protesting against his exclusion.

Here’s another by a popular blogger talking about all the obfuscation that presently surrounds the Indian cricket.

And finally a theory that justifies Ganguly’s exclusion.

If you wanted know more about Wasim Jaffer, who is in the team in place of Saurav.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Too much to say....

I am writing after a very long time, much more than a month I guess. But believe me when I say that I had no intentions of obliterating my blog this way. I think it’s quite difficult to restart blogging if you have been away for a long time. Call it hiatuses due to indolence.

I have a proclivity for writing reviews (though haven’t written many of them) especially of movies I have seen and keep seeing and… ∞ because I watch a lot. I am sure many of you might claim to do so but I am sure there aren’t many who can compete with me. Some movies are really progenies of creativity, they really exhort you to think and express your views. So I had thought that as soon as my exams finish I would start writing reviews of movies I adore.

Well 15 long somnolent days of my vacation have passed since that impetuous resolution of mine and I haven’t started yet. I thought of starting today but would spare my readers from my soporific reviews first up.

Miss Iceland, Unnur Birna new Miss world was crowned the new miss world today. Though I missed the final live telecast I had seen some of the initial stages. I liked the way they conducted the initial stages. But I find this system of user sms voting a bit incongruous at least to this scenario. I know it’s a real gold mine for the telecom service providers for the obscene amount of money they charge per sms and it has become quite a de rigueur in the flurry of reality shows we have seen in the recent past in our country. Quite suits to scenario of this world’s biggest democracy.

Anyways back to that Miss world situation, even though the votes were only for the initial rounds, but think of those voluptuous beauties from small nations of Americas (Venezuela, Costa Rica…) whom I ‘look ‘ forward to every year. I am sure they didn’t get the advantage like the Indian beauty got from the hugely unsuccessful family planning policy of our country. I crave for justice “Me laard”…

Even more ludicrous is system of sending “get well soon” and “congratulations” messages for your stars to various news channels. Nothing is more preposterous than this; for whom is this presumptuous display affection? For the star, who I am sure doesn’t even read one of those messages? Or the T.V channel and Mobile service provider who make cool bucks from this just by displaying the message on a marquee display in a small strip at the bottom. If it got do with auctioning your EQ or literary prowess I am sure there are better ways.

Every day we see news channels doing this, Amitabh’s ill send in your messages, Sachin created world record in test cricket congratulate him…

I just have two words for people who fall for this… “Get Real”...

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Sue Me, I am a Blogger

A sort of war has spurted between IIPM and Indian Bloggers. It all started with Jam, a popular youth Magazine publishing a report about IIPM. Many Indian Bloggers, including me (they have even spammed my post, sorry a bit of narcissist at heart) linked to web version of that report. Gaurav Sabnis, a popular Indian blogger, was issued a legal notice some days back by IIPM because of the same.

Desipundit, is covering the controversy remarkably well. You can access all the links from their blog. Apart from more pretentious facts unearthed, there are some lampoons also in store.

I just want to point a couple of things here, first its high time that the so called dubious “IT ACT” of Indian constitution is amended to clearly point the rights of speech an Indian citizen through various information mediums.

Second if IIPM can sue people of defaming it as an educational institution wonder what it has to say their own perverse tag line “ Think beyond IIMs”…

Now there are about zillion other things I want to write about but with exams and submissions around the corner I don’t have much time on hand. Anyways, almost all these issues in one way or the other have been covered by other Indian Bloggers.

A word of advice, all Bloggers can stop spam comments from automatic online bots by activating the word verification comment policy. It can be found in the comments tab of Bloggers settings.

Now I have submissions next week, then exams so might not be blogging unless I am sued myself.

Btw that title is Kiruba Shankar’s idea , he apparently has thought of this as a wonderful tee for all Bloggers.

I came across a quote from the movie "The silence of the lambs", found it quite interesting. Here it goes...

"First principles, Clarice. Read Marcus Aurelius of each particular thing ask:
what is it in itself? What is its nature"

Friday, October 07, 2005

Feel like a ….Man

Yes that could be a tagline for the next undergarment ad or is it already. Read this if you have absolutely nothing else to do. Just some incoherent lines to tell me what’s going on?..

I turned 20 yesterday. They say life is journey of continuous retrospection, I wonder if mine has been, sometimes the days just keep slipping of your hand while you to try catch them. Two weeks have past since I last wrote. While I was really ebullient during the first week, the second one was really enervating.

First came the elections, although politics has always interested me, I have never been good at it. I connived to help my friend win, this might sound pompous, but I am sure my vote was important in the end. Guess every one has his day, settled a long standing duel this time. Nevertheless I was happy after the results. Strategic politics is what interests me, not dirty the one. Politics in my college could be defined as the power politics. Politics is a time when the most frivolous people are suddenly lionized. Not sure if I am a victim, but then who cares, I got what I wanted.

Then came VOX POPULI, it was an intercollegiate fest, by PT in which I took organizational responsibilities. I wanted to write a report after it, but just didn’t have the time. I have been often told that I am really hyperactive; I realized it during the event. Anyways the event was successful, at least my part was. I coordinated Role Play and looked after marketing in my college was happy by the outcome of both. The event also had debate competition which was also good. It was coordinated by winners of last year’s competition from my college. Organizing role play was nice in two ways, first it was sort of an event which was I organizing for the first time and I had no previous experience of it so learned lot. Second I came across some really interesting people apart from the hot gujju maal. The chief coordinator was more of a behind the scenes man he really coordinated very efficiently. I still one remember his statements. He said “I am just trying to pull strings”… The PT centre head was also interesting to work with. I was amazed with the ease with which he solved problems. All in all a good experience for me, but I have promised myself, to abstain from all organizing responsibilities in future, they really are time consuming.

I have been really working petulantly since then, just in the forlorn hope that I will get some time.

I am presently reading “English, August”, quite delightful as it is touted, plan to come out with a review later. I have never read “The Gita” , but I came across a few lines from it in the book.

Arjuna says “The mind is restless Krishna”

Krishna replies, “The mind is indeed restless, Arjuna; it is indeed hard to train, but by constant practice and by freedom from passions the mind can be trained.”

I found it really relevant to my present life. May be what Gita and Marcus are to Agastya (protagonist of the novel), English, August is to me.

Watched “The green Mile” yesterday after I narrowly escaped a GPL from my clique( speaking in more formal terms, their rendezvous with my ass) , was supposed to be late night treat for myself, didn’t turn out to be. I set out to write a review for it, but what started as a glimpse of past few weeks ended as personal rhetoric. The movie wasn’t as good as I expected it to be, the name Tom Hanks creates expectations. Guess the script wasn't that good.

Next in queue is the “ Italian Job” haven’t heard much of it, no such expectations from it. Got a four hr lecture on EBM in the morning by DB Don, as he is fondly called, they say you got to attend his lecture after all he is the training and placement coordinator, might screw your placements . Plan to catch some sleep in the hall tomorrow.

I think I can be blogging regularly only during my vacations, lets see when the next comes out.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless mind: Movie review( 4/5)

This movie deserves more than 4 stars, just for the amount of cerebration put behind this movie, but I’ll hold more than 4 as to be perfect and perfection is not a limit that can be easily reached at.

Eternal Sunshine comes from Charlie Kaufman, the doyen of the ‘mind’ movies, a subject that has been the leitmotif of his career. He is revered for the great creations like “Confessions of Dangerous mind” and “Being John Malkovich”.

This movie is about mind and its power. It shows memories as bits and things which may be or can be erased or retrieved and retained.

It is a story of two young minds, Joe Barish (Jim Carrey) and Clementine (Kate Winslet) , imbrangled in the cobwebs of life, “fucked up people looking for their own peace of mind” as the movie puts it. They fall in love with each other, but as with most
contemporary relationships, there’s also goes through a bit of tumult.

Clementine shown as an impulsive girl decides to erase Joe from her mind to assuage her pain. Joe is shocked when he discovers this and decides to go through the same process. However, during the erasing process when Joe goes down then memory lane, he finds himself still in love with her. He fights his mind and the erasing procedure to save Clementine, hide her in the maze of his brain.

When they finally discover what they went through, it helps them understand their relationship better. Understanding each other, which is probably the key to any relationship?

And How Does he succeed if he ever does? How do they meet again and remember each other? See and find out.

The title of comes from a poem by Alexander Pope. The lines are….

How happy is the blameless vestal's lot!
The world forgetting, by the world forgot.
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
Each pray'r accepted, and each wish resign'd;

I can’t come out with an exegesis, but I am particularly impressed by the second line….What would happen to world if it forgets the bad ….or the good…

The movie scores copiously for its brilliant screenplay and dialogues. Dialogues and situations are very carefully planned. On the acting front Jim Carrey is good, segues quite well in to the schmaltzy, different from his usual roles which are full of guffaws. Incidentally Jim was also shooting for Bruce Almighty during this time. Kate Winslet , the sexiest Mom in UK( Hmm...could not resist to say that) is equally good. Kirsten Dunst impresses in a small but a good performance.

In all a great movie which you would love to watch on a Sunday evening when you are quite relaxed.

One last mention for the background score , the movie has an old hindi movie song playing in background during a scene.

Cast Details Here

The Return of the Jedi

I am back, to rejuvenate my decrepit blog, which is crying for an update they say. When I set out writing blogs, didn’t have any hopes and expectations from them, didn’t tout them in any particular category. But probably this time around I think I will be writing more for myself than for anybody else.

“I Think, therefore I am and therefore I will be”….

So I am here to lent credence to my beliefs, corroborate my views and ideas and thus find myself.

I recently watched a lot of movies so I will be writing reviews for them.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Here is something you surely don't want to miss, Aamir Khan , the perfectionist as they call him,
has a 'BLOG' at msn spaces.Here is the link

Mangal Pandey is film for which almost th whole India has been waiting and that surely includes yours truly
an ardent fan of him.

As of 'Blog' a smart idea, I would say, a win-win situation for both the producers and msn. Few years ago trend
of creating official websites for movies was new and probably "Mangal Pandey" is the first celebrity movie
in India to have a blog. Ofcourse who wouldn't fancy the idea of reading Aamir.

Planing to go home this weekend and watch Mangal Pandey...Till then as 'he' says "Mangal Ho!"..

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Still in Hibernation

Engineers are biggest procrastinators, but believe me I had no role in my small break turining into a big vacation.(Hindi FIlm cue: Your honor " main bekasoor hoon, not guilty").

You can start by blaming it on the hostel warden, the college director, and then the MHRD. Anyways the crux of the matter is your's truly still does not have net in his hostel room.Actually the new college year has started it will take some time till the things get settled.

I have always have theme for a new college year , not resolutions , which probably are things you never want to do. A theme would be an idea and direction for the new academic year. ( Non Academic activities incluided ;) ).

So the theme for this year is...

" Don't lose the grip on dreams of your past you must fight to keep them alive".

This line is part of the song, "Eye Of Tiger" from the Rocky IV.

P.S: If you visit my blog and dont see any updates you can always quench your strong desire of clicking by clicking the google ads..(see on them left side). Contribution to an engineer's relief fund will be seen as a humanatarian gesture. In addition One Paisa will be given to salman khan for buying a new mobile ..( He has to make so many phone calls these days :) )

P.P.S: Spell Check was Left to the reader, I wrote this post in record time of 6 mins and that too in my college Computer Centre and on a Linux computer with fonts in range of nano metres..( Guess I am in the engineering groove).

Friday, July 15, 2005

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Parnab Mania

There has been a flurry of posts on Paranab Mukherjee recently in the blog world. Here’s another one by Gaurav Sabnis highlighting much the same point.

Now in spite of my habituate indolence I tried to do a bit of searching on Parnab myself. One interesting fact I came across was that almost all search results point to his introductions at the various college websites where he has conducted quizzes. Even more astonishing is the fact that almost all these introductions are same; they have been just copied and pasted from one website to another.

So evidently, there is nothing much on web that supports Parnab’s Claims.

Now I mentioned in previous blog how he left the audience enthralled on each occasion he came in my college. A person who seemed to have more RAM than the Deep Blue’s, read more than 15 newspapers a day captivated every one. The newspaper round had the audience awestruck. His porno jokes, his tongue-in-cheek style where he would bully anyone who tried to be smart appealed to the larger audience and provided entertainment values.

May be our poor retention power, lack of knowledge and ignorance did the trick. Of course, who would have thought of checking a Princeton Graduate’s, a reputed speaker and a famous theatre personality’s claims?

I happened to recall something I read on Amit Vermas’ Blog. He said that Blogs might be the lost teeth of journalism; all I can say reading blogs has become a daily affair for me and I have learned a lot from them. Some of them have been real revelations. May be that’s why they call them the next ‘in’ thing.

Monday, July 11, 2005


In a democracy as big us, the party in opposition plays a very significant role by expressing its opinions, supporting or criticizing the government accordingly and ensuring its proper functioning.

BJP’s attempt to politicize the Ayodhya issue again brought out its racist approach. Mr. Ramachandra Guha in his article in telegraph expresses that it might well be impossible of BJP to get rid of RSS, VHP and to wash out the non-secular stains on its image.
(Link via India Uncut).

Politics often termed as boring, is quite funny and unpredictable at times. As of now BJP might be considered as having a very gloomy future, struggling to gain grounds due to frequent internal feuds and its tiffs with its parent RSS. However, if it ever resurrects itself and builds a secular and independent identity of itself, politics in our country might have a bright future with leaders in our country thinking more about core economic and social problems.

After all who could have predicted the way single handedly Sonia Gandhi resurrected Congress.

Switching to the fast lane, Silverstone turned out to be a sheer disaster for Narain Karthikeyan when he had to retire from the race on the 11th lap due to electronic problems in his car.

I think all he needs is a bit of luck and support from his country.After all, all the great Formula 1 drivers have gone through tough times early in their career.

Indians have a tendency to worship somebody today and throw stones on him tomorrow. At moment the media seems to be gung-ho about Sania Mirza and little is said about the fastest Indian , Narain Karthikeyan.

Memory Keeper has some pics of the recent flood disaster in Vadodara. See them and you could easily visualize my lonely island post.

While going through Aniruddha Dutta’s blog, Jaldi Quizzing, I came across some interesting links about Pranab Mukherjee.

Pranab Mukherjee is a celebrity quizmaster, and conducts quizzes in Tech- Fests of various colleges, almost all NIT’s and IIT’s.

He has been conducting Mind Bend (NIT Surat Tech-Fest) Mega quiz since last three years and has left the audience enthralling on each occasion.

These posts on him have come in as quite a surprise for me. Check out the links to read more.

Read this and this to know more.

Taggin Blue's

I got a book tag from Krishna.

Total number of books I own :
I am not counting

The last book bought?:
The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin S. Sharma

The last book you read?
“Who moved My Cheese” by Dr. Spencer Johnson

Books I am currently reading:
The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin S. Sharma.

Books that mean a lot to me:
“Who moved My Cheese” by Dr. Spencer Johnson
“Da Vinci Code”, by Dan Brown.

Now honestly speaking I have got a bit bored with this tag phenomena.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Vaccination Against Boredom:Dose II

The In's and Out's

You would often hear somebody saying in our group, “Man she is ... (ok STOP Anubhav this not the place)”, so when we are not discussing about the ‘s’he who must not be named (Potter mania eh!), we discuss what’s in and what’s out.

If you ask a girl, what’s in, she might show you her wardrobe but do not, I repeat do not ask your wife the same question, because she might show you the mall.

So, there were G-strings, then came the Noodle straps, and then Spaghetti tops. (And if you thought all this was about food, you are surely are out). *My sincere apologies to all of you who think that there was something rather anachronistic about that list but that was the order in which they started coming on MTV,STAR TV, and ZEE TV( You Thought men don’t watch soaps) and then Mrs. Malhotra started wearing them in exactly opposite order however baring the first one. Yes baby, Mrs. Malhotra, the belle of the ball, the queen of yester years, not that I am incapable of describing her voluptuous body but eying my readers I think I should stop digressing*

ya..So where was I ..the in's.

Then there are books, I mean today, if you are Jobless or you are an IIM-A pass out you can, and believe me when I say , You can ( Shiv Khera ishtyle),a write a book.*Read this report about Shiv khera (The author of You can Win) being charged with plagiarism*

First there was “Seven Habits of Highly Effective people”* which of course was the real bestseller* by Stephen Covey and then somebody wrote
“Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens”, which Miss. Malhotra is reading, *Now you know why I Happen to visit the Malhotras so often.;) * and yesterday Mrs. Malhotra told me she is writing “Seven Habits FOR Highly ‘Effective’ Husbands” based on her experience while giving rigorous training to her husband.

Let us analyze the matter with profundity of an analyst, first there were babas , who with smoke, fire, bands, broomsticks and fruits solved your problems, all of them, be it Shantanu’s business problems or Ganga’s Infertility .(Unbelievable, haven’t you heard, “ Beti, yeh Kela Kha Le and you will Doodo Naho and Puto Phulo * Actually I am very bad at translations, but here it goes “ Child, Eat This Banana, and You will Bath with Milk and Have Kids”* and now there are books for all that.

Today you can find books on relationships, on speaking, on dating, eating, on dreaming, in addition the endless rhetoric’s on communication skills.

Then there are biographies, some people with presumptuous gumption start believing that world is waiting to hear their corny life stories. Such people should be relegated to unknown islands made to read their books.

If Osama , Raju Pan wala and Shamu Doodhwala( Milk Man) write their memoirs, what would be the names?

Osama: Hide and Bomb

Raju: s “pan” of life , this one is by Namita

Shamu: The Art of Mixing

Conclusion: Anubhav is writing a book on HOW TO WRITE A BOOK and you got to pre-book your copy now!!!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Eight Queens Aboard

I don't know much about being a millionaire, but I'll bet I'd be a darling at it”, said Dorothy Parker.

I think it more or less applies to me too, I don’t know much about it now but I am sure one day………

One of many (so many) things I am going to do after I get the moolah is to own a Yatch , some thing like The Rising Sun, owned by Lawrence J. Ellison Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Oracle Corporation and go on a cruise with my queens(Err…queen).

Until then, let us get the queens on a smaller board…the Chess Board. :D

Solving puzzles I think is one of most efficient ways to spend time. One of greatest puzzle is the “Eight Queens on a Board Puzzle”.

The Aim is to place the eight queens on the chessboard such that none of them intercepts other’s path in any way. Now for those of you do not play chess, queen is the strongest piece in chess and the only piece that can move diagonally, horizontally and vertically as well.

Something like this….

Image hosted by

You can find all the 12 unique solutions here.

Now I spent around 2 hours yesterday to find an algorithm for this.

The best way to solve the problem is to place the queens moving in a Knight’s way (2 and 1/2 steps) or L shaped ways.

Now I am still working on the algorithm to solve it. There are many algorithms on net, which solve the problem-using math (Permutations) and backtracking. I want develop a program that works on pattern of movement as I mentioned above.

So try the problem, and tell me if you reach any breakthroughs.

Now ,today when I was watching the news/debate on the recent terrorist attack on ayodhya, my mother asked me to change the channel, she felt that there is no point wasting time on politicians who are never going to change. I do not blame her at all, after the whole days’ work, who has time and energy to spend on listening to hypocritical demagogues.

This more or less is the story of many in our country; most of us are so engrossed in our problems that we do not actively follow politics. I strongly believe that our apathy towards politics is major factor behind it's sorry state. However, I think the youth of our country, which is more energetic, should criticize and voice opinions on core Indian issues. Now that we have Blogs as efficient medium to express our views, we can make the politicians more accountable.

I strongly feel that spreading awareness matters, VHP, RSS and Shiv Sena have not survived for anything; they have been able to do so because there is support for them.

So if any of you think I am right, please tell me, I am thinking of a group blog that deals with core Indian issues.

By now you must have read about the Terrorist attack on Ayodhya and VHP‘s plan to organize a week long country wide protest against it.

I do not understand the need of a countrywide protest and instead of showing solidarity BJP is politicizing the issue by asking for Home minister’s resignation.

Ask them who resigned when there was an attack on Indian parliament and in any case this attack was successfully stopped and all terrorists were killed.

A nation wide protest would not just cause more economic problems but might reignite communal tensions.

P.S( This is seriously Post script no make shift..:D): If you are an Indian Blogger living anywhere in the world, you can get yourself listed at the Indian Bloggers Index.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Three Days on a Lonely Island

Pre-Srcipt(P.S): This post is going to be boring, read at your own risk.

The last two words aptly describe Vadodara in the past week. When it rained for the first time even somebody as non-poetic as me felt like writing something, almost ten dozen Hindi poems have been written around this magical moment and some of them are really wonderful, but there are so many of them. However, things after that first shower have not been so magical, it has been raining, raining and raining since then. The water levels in both Vishwamitri (river) and Ajwa dam rose above the danger mark, sounding the flood bells. Incessant rains resulted in water logging in most streets and on Thursday, 30 June, power was cut and it almost cut us from the world and life almost came to stand still. As all transportation links were broken most people were restricted to their homes and some to roof tops.

Then started the three-day stay on the lonely island: my home. The phone started ringing with relatives asking about the situation and we could tell them only about our locality(As unbelievable as it might sound, while most mobile networks failed BSNL was working in some parts). No electricity No paper, no news, no network and back to primitive world for three days. Deprived of essential means of entertainment (the boxes), we resorted to chess, cards and Dumb Charades. Luckily, things were not as bad for us; water did not enter our homes and just managed reach the entrance of our society.

Come Saturday and rains took a break, I went to visit the nearby bridge over the Vishwamitri, which by now had become a tourist place. This is something unique to Indians, however grim and alarming the situation may be we do find means of entertainment. The nearby schools and societies were already flooded, with cars submerged and people restricted to the rooftops or higher floors. At a point on the slope of bridge, water was flowing over the bridge although only with a very mild current.

On a sad note, things are not as good in other parts of the city and the state, many people have died and thousands have been forced to leave their homes. I cannot provide an accurate picture of the situation in other parts because life has just swung back to normal for me. Probably I can provide a more detailed account when I am able move out of the society and roads become approachable. Luckily, as I said before, it did not affect me much, but I still remember the Friday night when we checked the water level near the entrance of society more than four times during the night to be more aware of the situation. That night was crucial.

On 26 January 2001, I still remember I was studying for my 10th board exams on my bed when it started shaking, which was Gujarat Earthquake 2001, almost 19000 people died. In 2002, Gujarat riots thousands died and it still haunts the city. Now the floods, while was Vadodara was spared during the earthquake, it has been severely affected this time.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Vaccination against Boredom: Dose I

Disclaimer: The author does not own any responsibility of the consequences if the readers condone the warning given below.

Warning: The author wants to warn his esteemed readers that reading this post further might lead to AIBS (Anubhav’s Injected Boredom Syndrome) of which there is no cure. So please read and play safely. (And I am not winking)

Boredom: A dreaded and common disease found in most homes.

Symptoms: When your mother starts swearing you, Like…
“You eat and Sleep and then eat again, these are only activities you do, what is your contribution to the house.”(If it sounds quite innocuous, wait until you hear the Hindi version of it.)

Causes: Your training has finished and you have nothing do and you cant go out coz its raining cats, dogs, bats and all the animals of the world.(You can include men too.)

Now if you don't have a clue of what I said above, give me space to bow, because that was exactly what was intended.

Obtained by most surreptitious means, here are world’s ten best ways of killing boredom.

10. Surf through B school sites except the IIM’s and IIPM’s, because former you know are the best and latter you know are the worst. Read more about JAM’s revelation of IIPM’s tall claims.

9. Read TOI and wonder, if there is more to SEE in the paper than to read.

8. Shift to the other box and end up watching a Hindi movie with its core theme being the Love vs Money debate. (The readers are requested not to indulge in the debate in the comment box. The debate is never ending just like Sharapova Vs Hilton.)

7. In case you forgot to take a bath( quite understandable) , hit the most water logged areas of the city with your friends and play a semi-tsunami fight with the four wheelers( Sorry no explanations for the uninitiated.)

6. After the above activity, you might want to take your vehicle a mechanic, because our vehicle’s carburetor might have more water than your clothes.

5. Visit the city’s largest bookstore; browse the best authors and famous names. Realizing the temporary unavailability of funds, return with an issue of JAM magazine.

4. Realizing the pathetic condition of the state due to excessive rains, surf on net to find ways of rainwater harvesting, crib and curse the state government for overlooking the main issues.

I mean how you can explain the fact that a state that has heavy torrential rains every year also has parts, which face drought during summer. Every year rains disturb lives and all they do is evacuate people and give a flood warning. Then next year you read in papers in summer that women walk more 20km to fetch water to due water table depletion.( Sorry could not stop myself)

3. Bloghop, publish weird comments here and there and realize your blog needs a post to evade extinction.

2. Compile the list of things you did the previous day, add some crap at the beginning Whoa!!! ….and you have a post ready.

1. Read the above post and comment if you haven't already.

P.S: I have stopped writing post scriptures which dominate my comment box , more than the post.

Saturday, June 25, 2005


I have always felt that most important learning’s of life are conveyed in the most simplest of manners.

I experienced this twice within the past day.

First, while reading the book, “Who moved my cheese” by Spencer Johnson. The book talks about change and ways to deal with it. The book albeit written in very simple manner is very thought provoking, perhaps you might have already read what the book tries to convey a thousand times before ,but it still leaves a big impression. It is pretty small (even smaller than my class notes book :D) and you can easily finish it in an hour or two.

I felt the same when I read Steve Jobs’ commencement address at the Stanford University. Again, as simple, short and sweet it could be; in three stories of his life he teaches some of most important lessons of life.

You can read it here.

Now there is another small change occurring in my life. I am getting a new bike …
With so many brands out there, I am a bit confused now, so I need your help.

If you are a man, tell me a bike you would like to take your girlfriend on…

And if you are a woman tell me bike you would want your man to have…

What’s more, you could win some real good prizes, if your suggestion matches with my final choice.

If you are a woman, you get a free ride on my bike if you ever land in Baroda.

And if you are a man…err...Psst….Do you have a sister...?

So use the comment box at your will, as participation is free of cost…:D

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Nothing much to say...

Ok… (So now, I even start my posts with ok.)
However, seriously speaking ‘OK’ is most comfortable word in the English language, when you have nothing to say, just say “Ok”...on the contrary when you have so much to shout out at somebody and you do not know where to start…say “F**k.”.I mean it is probably the word with most number of uses, you can use it anywhere and it just fits. We will talk more about its uses some other day.

Now do not smirk that was not a joke and don’t worry, the next time I crack a joke, I will tell you beforehand when to smile just like the Maharashtra State Highways. Just Beside the speed Breakers (Silencer Breakers would be more prudent) they put a board which says..

Ikde Gati Avrodhak Ahe”. (Meaning There is a speed breaker here)….so when u hear a loud sound you look around to see the board.

Or may be something like Mallika Sherwat movies which tell you before hand that all the money the producer had was used for shooting in exotic locations and to pay Mallika so none was left for her clothes. I wonder, if designers they hire know the ‘D’ of designing, they always get the wrong measurements for her bikini.( Now if you can find a pun in that, boy you must get your imagination levels above Gutter kind.)
Another important thing is that they don’t even get a script writer, the stories are always borrowed from Hollywood movies.

I promise I will not talk a bit more about Mallika, just because she makes a joke of herself, every time she appears on the screen, doesn’t mean that all jokes have to be centered around her.

Let us talk about Maria Sharapova; I heard that she has got herself a pair of golden shoes and sweatshirt with golden zipper for Wimbledon. Now all she needs is golden balls and a racquet to play golden tennis, something never seen before.( Please don’t think much to get the real meaning out of words, they just mean what they are supposed to mean.)

She also has five bodyguards, and I want to catch hold of the person who told that in this competitive world there is a lack of job opportunities for men like me.

Ok, now let your imaginations run a bit jungle (not wild, that will be more superlative...)
What will happen if every woman in this world has a male bodyguard? Pause and think…

Ans. We would abolish two of the most dreaded evils of modern society rape and lesbianism. ;)

In addition, what would happen if every man in this world has a female bodyguard?

Ans. Doesn’t that already exist, I mean then what is marriage.

I read in magazine a few days ago that Indian men fall for fair skin. I seriously don’t agree with that, it’s really unfair, I mean how could somebody say that, I don’t know why women and sometimes men fail to understand men in general. The truth of the matter is …

That Indian men just fall for skin, be it any type, I mean we have to be fair to all. Now tell me who the ‘fairer’ sex…is

Finally the tag by Krishna( Actually that's come to my rescue,I don't have any more crap left for this post).But the questions are a bit too tough so probably I’ll just a make few finer adjustments.

1) Three words with which u can Define Everything around you
Beautiful sexy women.

2) Three words that define U
Ans: Tall , smart and handsome..
(ok I see my brother grin in background)
so on second thoughts

smart, averagely handsome.

3) Three screen Names u have
Bond( You said screen names..)

4) Three people who changed the way u look at the world

Sorry Question too hard..subsituted with,..( I mean would’nt it be great if you could subsitute all the hard questions in the examination with some whose answers you know..:D)

Q. Three essentials you would take on vacation trip to a lonely island.

Miss Universe
Miss World
And not Miss earth but Maggi noodles..damm don’t you need food.

Skipping questions 5 and 6, actually we engineers don’t need to answer all questions to pass, we can always pass GRACEfully

7)Three words ur mouth cant do without

Vanguardan Leveossa

8)Three words ur mouth cant utter

Ans: I can utter anything and everything , take me for that.

9)Three careers u have dreamt urself in:


Doubles partner Maria Sharapova/ Sania Mirza
Costume Designer Salma Hayek/Mallika Sherwat
Still Dreaming of above two.

10)Three reasons why i qualify to be the Anubhav

Ans: Sorry that’s what I have to planned to write in my book.Can’t tell you the secrets of the future best seller I am writing.

Tagged to any lazy soul like me, who needs matter for his/her blogposts.

Moral Of Post:
1)Whenever I don't have much to say , I end up with long posts
2)Before reading my posts it's safer to read the last few lines to get prepared for the agony.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Some Answers ...

I thank everybody who tried to answer the questions posted by me in my last blog. Before I present my views on those matters, let me draw your attention to a very serious matter related to proletarian weavers of silk, based in Varnasi, aired on NDTV today.

As tried to point out in my previous post that along with some benefits the open door policy has brought it has also delivered a deathblow to some of the local small-scale industries which were not competent enough or well protected. That is what has happened to silk weavers of Varanasi responsible for developing the famous “Benarsi Sarees” brand. The power loom industry and import of cheap yarn from china has virtually ended their business and has put a question on their survival. They have resorted to selling blood to feed their families. Now the story surfaced back in 2004 but government has failed to take any action to save these workers, who are masters of this rare traditional art.

Image hosted by

You can catch the full story here. Please do read it.

To each his own view,as I try to answer the comments posted on my previous post, I am just trying to present my views and don't intend to offend anybody. Here are the comments posted on my previous post for your reference.

I do believe that our country has strong and one of largest forex reserves in form of NRI’s,still I think more than the money we also need the brains for our country to progress.

Vikas, I agree everybody is entitled for their own happiness but they are also responsible for their country’s progress, and it is from graduates of IIT’s and IIM’s like you, the best brains of our country, our country’s expects the most. A mother expects the more from her best child. However, I agree most responsible people do contribute in one way or the other.

Kroopa , how do you define the level comfort.

Krishna I will do the tag thing in one or two days, give me some time.

Deepa , Consumers are made to feel that they are the king of markets; but most often ministers (read advertisements) mislead these kings.

Niki , Japan’s policy has made Japanese industries strong in the world, by promoting and strong domestic competition and protection policies. Look at Toyoto in fifty years it has risen at par or may be stronger than GM and ford which are older and bigger than it is.

Srivastan , Probably above story will tell about my view towards open door policiy.

I strongly believe in the Buddhist philosophy that often THE MIDDLE WAY is the best way. I think this ideology is the solution most of the problems our country faces today.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Time the need of the Hour

Some years ago, I used bunk school, then I started bunking college and today the story continues as I bunk my office too: D and they say I do not grow up. Don’t the above events show the remarkable progress made by me.

Now as it might occur to you I do not have time blog these days, so before I get time write a comprehensive post on some topics, which I thought to write on, I, want you to ponder upon some questions.

1. I know “brain drain” is an outdated debate topic but do you think with opportunities growing in our country, is it justified on the part graduates to earn for other countries( I mean to move abroad), when the nation needs them most in its journey from a developing country to a developed one.

2. Do you think that kind of advertising going on these days aims to create needs where there are not any? Do you think consumers have become dustbins ?

3. Do you think the open door policy has benefited our country? Countries like USA and Britain having practiced protectionism for 100 years now propagate free markets after their own domestic industry has become very strong.

4. Why do you think a country, which had some greatest revolutionaries in the world some fifty years ago today, lacks people with nationalist spirit if it does?

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Think Beyond...

The ethos of a breed, though rare in the world but found abundantly in our country always piques me. I am talking about those old men, wearing Kurta- Pajamas, who think that wearing traditional dresses and having orthodox beliefs makes them more Indian, whom we vote to lead our country.

Most politicians of our country whether they belong to BJP or Congress have similar tactics/activities though they claim to have views oceans apart. All are big opportunists. Every time either of these parties is in opposition, the main issue on which they cry about or criticize the ruling party is secularism/communalism. Whenever there is a lull or there are out of issues to yield fire on the other they open this debate.

The recent stint by Mr. L.K Advani is on similar lines. On his recent trip to Pakistan, he made a controversial statement about M.A Jinnah. (Now I am not interested in going details of what he said or debating on the same.).The statement invited an array of reactions. Fundamentalists RSS and VHP are always waiting for such issues. Then Mr. Advani resigns from the post of party president. This is followed a day or two of cribbing, crying and requests made to him to return by party members and finally as loved by most Indians and shown in Indian movies we have happy ending, Mr. Advani is back as the party president and that completes a week of emotional and ‘controversial’ drama in Indian Politics.

Does this evoke a sense of déjà vu? These things have become a pastime for BJP, every time there is a lull in politics. You may recall Ms. Uma Bharti’s episode on similar lines some months back.

All I want to say is that there are several issues regarding the core social and economic development of our country that need to be raised; thought at and solved. Why cant these politicians actually grow up...?


I recently came to know that these days they have a section reserved for Bloggers in white house Press conferences. Do u think we can have one too or its long time before Indian Bloggers reach that level of maturity and capability?

Finally while surfing I came across some great dialogues/quotes from one of my hot favorite movies A Beautiful mind…Here are some

1. There has to be a mathematical explanation for how bad that tie is.

2. Despite my privileged upbringing, I'm actually quite well-balanced. I have a chip on both shoulders.

3. We need results! Publishable, applicable results!

4. Classes will dull your mind, destroy the potential for authentic creativity.

5. Terrified, Petrified, Mortified, Stupified... by you.

6. Adam Smith... was wrong.

7. I don't exactly know what I am required to say in order for you to have intercourse with me. But could we assume that I said all that. I mean essentially we are talking about fluid exchange right? So could we go just straight to the sex.

8. I find you very attractive. Your assertiveness tells me that you feel the same way about me. But ritual remains that we must do a series of platonic actions before we can have intercourse. But all I really want to do is have sex with you as soon as possible.

9. Give me a moment to redefine my girlish notions of romance.

10. I need to believe, that something extraordinary is possible.

11. I've made the most important discovery of my life. It's only in the mysterious equation of love that any logical reasons can be found. I'm only here tonight because of you. You're the only reason I am... you're all my reasons.

12. Perhaps it is good to have a beautiful mind, but an even greater gift is to discover a beautiful heart.

13. It's the same with your dreams and nightmares. You have to feed them to keep them alive

My favorites are the 11th and 12th one. And I can’t even imagine myself having the guts for saying 7th or 8th one to a girl: terrified , petrified by the reaction which might leave me mortified and stupifiied…

You can find quotes from your favorite movie at wikiquote a sister concern project of wikepedia.See the link to wikepedia in my side bar.( Ya's...thats returning a favor..)

Monday, June 06, 2005

An ordinary day....

Warning: This post is supposed to be completed in 10 minutes. The speech is bad, grammar does not exist, and spell check is left to the reader.

6:00 am: Yes dad, I am awake…just thinking…five minutes more….And bus comes late these days…

8:00: Just in time for the company Bus… (Yes, I was not talking about the school bus)…

As I enter I hear,“ Jo Wada kiya who Nibana padeka….tumko aana padega.”.( Sorry peeps cant even try its English translation….)

And the dreams continue….Yes Sania I am coming

Yes sweetheart you will win the Wimbledon don’t worry….Maria will coach you….won’t you darling and Maria the next French is yours ,I’ll buy all the referees…

9:15: Bhai sahab….What the hell are you talking Sania..

Bhai Sahab company Aa gaya..(We have the reached the company….wake up..)

Shit I was just going to make my move…

9.30: Snakes….??( Ya that’s what the Training guy told me…We will give you Bus facilities, lunch and Snakes(Oh actually snacks…)

9:45 am: Ignited Minds, by APJ Abdul Kalam. A nice book, quite good initially becomes more like his autobiography later. Nevertheless, the man must be admired for his great vision and his contributions. His aim of meeting 1000000 school students says it all about his great personality.

11:45 am: Visit to EGP (Electron Gun Plant…well that summarizes and ends all the tech stuff I remember from the visit). A rather non-technical and more interesting aspect is that unlike other engineering industries Electronic gives equal chances (actually more than equal…) to women on the plant side. Sometimes I feel electronics is not so bad anyway and the Future’s quite ‘fair’ here ( Ya …that was intended)

1:00 pm: Lunch

1:30pm: Plant visit continues...

2:45 pm: A trip around the plant in search for VP’s daughter/ GM’s daughter, DGM‘s will also do, Please anybody’s will do…But no more ATM’s (Aunties Trying to be Models)

3:00 pm: The Mckinsey way by Ethan M. Rasiel. Another great book for anybody who is in interested Business Strategies and Consultancy in particular. (Yes, the company has a great library with the best books for general reading)

4:30: Tea

4:30: Manger's Salary & daughter/ Rachel Hunter/ LK Advani/ Ogilvy & Mather…

5:30: Enter the bus again
Chadti jawani Meri chal mastani…”
No dreams this time…Just looking at tired faces, listening to never ending gossips of women and seeing them dreaming for themselves or probably their children.

Now I am embarrassed after reading such great books and coming out with posts like this. I promise a better post in future…just that training and activities that continue after that leave me exhausted.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Kaun Banega Million Dollar Pati...

Didn’t I tell you that stupidity is the only thing that can spread faster than light ? Here is another example…

There is an email which is going on rounds these days and there are good 90% chances that you have already received it .( Ok if you are one of those 10% souls stuck in their solitary confinement ,ping me , I’ll see to it that stupidity reaches you.)

Anyways the mail Talks about a bug that was discovered by a Brazilian. (Now I’ll forward it and say that the bug was discovered by an Indian what’s the heck* Mera Bharat Mahan*…) It claims that Microsoft professionals have no clue to it and they have announced a prize of $1, 00,000 to the person who solves the mystery. (Now do you get the title...)

So waiting to try your programming skills….here, it goes

The mail asks you to open Microsoft Word and do the following ( I am reproducing the exact message…)

“Open a Microsoft Word File and type =rand (200,99)
and then HIT ENTER and wait ...”

Ok no need to wait if you have a supercomputer but if you have one of those used in Indian government offices …you might have to ..wait,wait…and wait..

The result of the operation is that the document is filled with one of the most famous pangram or holalphabetic sentence in the English language

"The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."

Well before pulling your debugging socks, understand that it is NOT A BUG but a HIDDEN UTILITY.

Try typing “=rand(1,1)” and you will see only one such sentence. This works for any rand(x,y).As far as my knowledge goes “rand” is a function in “C” to generate random numbers and this feature is given in word to fill your document with random text , may be to check fonts as the sentence contains all the letters of the english alphabet.

If you think, I was the one who initiated the mail, click here and let Microsoft explain you the feature.

There is another bug, a bit more realistic and related to his one, mentioned on the net (I tried it but the outcome was not what was expected or claimed, but anyways if you find the explanation behind it, do tell me.)

Here’s the link…

Today I got my hands on this wonderful book at the company where I am doing my training. The book is called “Count Your Chickens before They Hatch” by Arindham Chaudhari. I have just started reading it and I found it truly amazing and I really recommend it.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A Training Adventure

Date: June 1, 2005
Time: 6.30 am
Place: Vadodara

The sun rises from west specially to wake me up. As incredulous as it might seem, but I woke up at 6.30 am sharp. I had challenged my Mom that I could do it!
Any ways the reason behind this unprecedented event (at least during my vacations...) was my summer training. Still feeling groggy, I managed to get ready by 8.00. Now most of my friends who are doing training approached the companies through their relatives who were working over there but I managed my training on my own by sending resume and my college letter (ahem!), so I was expecting an interview today.

The company I was supposed to visit was on NH-8, I took a ST bus (a bad choice I must say considering that dad offered me a ride). Now you can judge the condition of these ST buses when I say that every time it passed over mud hole, the strange noises that followed made me believe at the next one all screws might come out and its body would fell apart.( No this not a nut speaking…)

At 9.30 am, I reached my destination. A Huge board read JCT ELECTRONICS LIMITED, MANUFACTURERS OF CTVs, A THAPPAR GROUP VENTURE (sounds boring isn’t it but then I always wanted a manufacturing plant.) After reaching the reception, I was told that there was some meeting going on and I would have to wait. Well out popped my BW (Business World) the only magazine I like to read as I took a seat in the visitor room. Now as I have been subscribing this magazine for more than a year and I Can proudly say that my awesome brain has developed business strategies for a Pani-Puriwallah to Google Inc( Warning might post them one day)..

After some time a HR Guy told me that the head of training department will come in the second shift, so I could leave if I wanted to and report tomorrow at 9.30. Well that was all I wanted to hear and was out in a flash. I felt my old school days, when there would be no teaching on the first day.( Sometimes we didn’t allow any….:))
Next up, I enquired about the company bus to Baroda and was told that I would have to wait for two hrs to catch the next bus. Well I had finished reading my BW copy so waiting was out of question, so the next minute I was on NH-8 all alone, waiting for an adventure ride ahead.

Now I can’t compare myself to Shaan albeit they say, given a chance I could make the clouds cover the sun if not make them rain. But the scene was set for an awesome performance.( National Highway, a college guy needing a lift and to add he had bag too..:) ) So I started walking, singing …“ Tanha Dil..Tanha Safar”…and just when I was getting in the mood, the sun god reminded me that I have to report tomorrow at 9.30 with a hard glare. Therefore, I took a lift and another after some time (well I was 25km away from Baroda) and then an awesome Jeep ride with at least 17 people sitting in it. Finally, a comfortable ride in my own car saw me reach home at 2.30 pm.

Well those rides on my way back, would be high points of the day for me. I just love traveling and frankly speaking, some times I enjoy GC (general compartment) from Surat to Baroda more than Rajdhani from Baroda to New Delhi. For long distance the comfortable, the better but for short distances I prefer more adventurous and lively means.

P.S: Regarding my last post, Krishna inspired me to come out with answers of my own…..I did write in a few but I had to post about today. Expect the answers sometime in future ;)
Waiting for two amazing movies : Parineeta( hope its good) and Finding Neverland .

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Do I need to talk?

Bunty and Babli vs Frank W. Abagnale?

Can India achieve 100% literacy?

What kind of a person I am?

Are You scrolling very fast?

Bungee Jumping?

Do I need to write?

Why didn't I put '?' as the title?

Why is it so easy to play with Windows registry?

Why are women poor communicators when it comes to matters regarding love?

‘e’motional- Somebody who moves on net…?

Why can’t I tell them?

Why do Indian police stations have guns used by dacoits of 1970’s and big tummies?

Did those three letters change my life?

Why do men fight?

Is Fame name of the Game?

Underwater diving?

Will Tata’s One lakh Car storm the Indian markets?

Why does Tom Hanks star in all great movies?

Do you think this is funny?

Why don't I read fiction?

What is more important in a F1 race the technology of the car or skills of the driver?

Why does every one chase money if it can't buy happiness?

Do you believe Michel de Notredame?

Do I believe in God and rebirth?

How can they blog so easily about their life?

Is Mary the historical person whose time has come?

Why is it so hard to make somebody smile, cry, believe, laugh?

Why Mountain View, California ?

Who and what am I searching for and when will my search end?

Brain Drain?

Does it matter to them? Do they know me? Do I need their help? Can they influence my life?

How were Spartans so brave?

Why did I start Blogging?

Why don't they have IVRS( Involuntary Retirement Scheme ) in Politics?

Is God man's greatest creation?

When will I stop?

Who has the Ark of the Covenant?

Will the BPO bubble burst like the IT bubble?

Will Leaders of this country ever think beyond secularism and communalism?

Do I need the book of the dead?

Why is Gujarat a dry state?

If matrix is an infinite loop then from where did the main computer get so much RAM?

How did Vyasa have such great vision and imagination?

Why did I write this post?

Will I delete this post?

Can You answer them?

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Confusions Of Dangerous Mind?

Friday, May 27, 2005

'In'sane Idiosyncrasies

There are three letters in the English alphabet that can make your day.

They are ‘L’ ‘O’ ‘L’.

I believe laughing or sometimes being proud of silly things you do in your day-to-day life is one most of the divine things to do. We all are a bit jocose in our lives and it takes only a bit of thought and realization of the same to bring a smile on our face. I am not the Charlie kind but laughing on myself really makes me happy and of course as no one has said before “An idle mind and a lazy body can be a clown’s workshop” especially during this auspicious time of year.

Before moving on, to all those “I am so smart” kind of people who have stumbled upon this blog by mistake, I advice clicking a sign on the upper rightmost corner of your screen.

Here are some silly things I keep doing…

1. The art of sleeping 12 hrs a day: Now this art is very difficult to practice especially in this hot weather and when your Mom allows you to use the A.C only for 7 of those 12 hrs. It might seem you as an utter waste of time; however, it has many intangible assets.

a. It can make your Mom happy because when you wake up at an hour before lunch, you save your from trouble of making a breakfast for you. Moreover, it helps me maintain my ‘averagely handsome’ body by quitting a meal.

b.For all those who believe that “history is made at night” a siesta is must. I prefer blogging at night and it keeps me in my engineering groove of night outs.

You can also have a bit of ‘mute TV’. An example of that would be any fashion channel or any channel where the ‘visuals’ are much important than the audio. So why wake your family members from their sleep.

2. I hate it, I loath to confess it, but it always brings a smile to my face at the end of the day. The phenomenon is automatic, instantaneous in its nature and albeit quite frequent, natural, and conspicuous for others, it is very difficult to realize for the one doing it.

As I have frequently pointed out, I am an unbashful appraiser of pulchritude. One of most frequent expression portrayed by me after I see a beauty is a gape. My female friends often grin evilly at the sight (not the male friends ...they are busy gapesing like me). It does bring about a bit embarrassment when asked by someone (usually a female) to stop gazing but at the end of the day, it brings one big smile on my face.

3. I am not a bathroom singer, but as uncanny as it might sound, I am a road singer I usually sing while driving (I hope that is not against law), a quality that I have inherited. However, there is no bathing without music, so once every day I forget my moral citizenship values and around 11.30 am my Woofers ( computer speakers) shout it loud “ It’s my life, its now or never….” as I enjoy my shower with a verbal cacophony of my own.

4. Apart from all this, I love watching movies, which I have already seen, especially the ones I love. Movies have taught me many things and I strongly believe some movies should be part of school curriculum. In future, I hope blog to about my favorite movies and things they have taught me.

5. I sometimes boast of having an ‘expensive’ taste when it comes to humor. I discard some of ‘sardar’ jokes cracked by my friends as cheap but normally end up laughing aloud at them when I am alone. Here’s one of them

A sardar says “ Why do these Americans keep boasting about wars they wage. We in India have a war everyday. As in SOM “WAR”( Monday), Mangal ‘WAR’( Tuesday)…

*Ok I know what you just said(cheap really cheap….)*

To end the post, here is another idiosyncrasy. I believe stupidity is best spread. So I continue the tag chain. I got a tag from deeps.

1. Total number of films I own on dvd/video : Not a single one..I am totally against ANTI PIRACY campaign I either rent pirated vcds or watch movies in halls.But I do have some movies stored on my hard disk if they count.

2. The last film I bought : How many times will I answer almost the same question? OK I don’t buy movies , my friends share movies on LAN or I watch them in halls.

3. The last film I watched: On TV: “Laws of attraction” great comedy .Jullian moore is the latest addition to my long hollywood crush list.
In theater: Bewafaa …. A horrible movie….Guess something comes original to our directors … “the art of putting 10 out of the place songs of 5 mins each in a 3 hr movie”

4. Five films that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me:- This one’s tough…the list is too long….I’ll continue in my future post

-->‘Forrest Gump’:- It has taught me one of the most beautiful lessons of my life “ self –lessness"

-->“ Castaway” : For me this is true definition of cinema, perfect direction,screenplay and acting.

-->“ A beautiful mind” : This movie always inspires, any time I am feeling a bit down, I watch this movie

-->Munna Bhai MBBS/ Hera Pheri/Jaane Bhi Do yaaron : Best comedies Indian cinema has to offer.

-->Gladiator/ The street car named desire : Great acting by rusell crowe and marlon brando.

5. Tag five people and have them put this in their journal: As I said before “ stupidity is best spread” ….so lets see I’ll tag niki, thespark, Namita, a_beautiful mind and Kroopa. Keep it going…

P.S : This is my longest post till date. I think i need to take a break .....

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

ecNOmic giANTS

India and China are the future economic giants; that’s what they say these days. The high riding economy, increase in FDI, and the setup of manufacturing/assembling units of major M.N.C.’s are just the indicators of this progress. The country produces a million graduates every year and major companies of U.S outsource their works to us. Looks like a fairy tale come true.

A look on the social side and you would find the cake is not sweet below the icing. On social grounds, or rather I should say moral grounds we are not there yet. We have look into many issues before we can call our country a developed one.

Crime against women: I do not support the statement that women are the weaker sex but still a country where crime against women is on high-rise cannot be called developed. The number of rapes has risen from last year. A more important fact is that majority were committed in the rural areas. The educational, moral and social rift between the urban and the rural class is getting wider. Presence of fundamentalists like Shiv Sena, VHP
and RSS is another big problem. Shiv-sena’s statement that revealing dresses invite rapes is quite bias and ridiculous. The psyche of people has to change and education has to play a major role in it.

There are many other poignant problems and we all know about them.

All I want say even if India is progressing a lot economically but social crimes are on rise. We might feel that economic progress can drive the social stability but that won’t be the case, money sometimes invites more crimes.

'Inspirations':There is yet another issue, which piques me a lot. The entertainment industry of our country claims to be the second largest in the world with a worldwide reach but its high time it learnt some ethics. Somehow, I cannot digest so-called ‘inspiration’ it draws from Hollywood. Leave alone movie-themes or songs these days even TV serials are exactly copied. Copying an idea can be tolerated sometimes, but copying scenes and patterns is just too much. Inspired creativity is not creativity. If at all a hindi remake of a successful foreign flick is made the fact should be acknowledged.

Finally Mallika Sherwat’s recent stint at the Cannes film just confirms the fact that beauty seldom comes with brain. I don’t understand how do people even find her sexy or beautiful. That dress she wore was worse than what daily wage poor workers manage. It’s good to look sexy but there ways to do it, probably she should have taken some tips from Salma Hayek ;) . The statement that she made was worse (wait I will just quote her).

She said, “I am here to kick some serious ass”. Wow not only revealing attire but also a blabbering mouth. There should be a sense of responsibility when you are representing your country at an international festival.

Lastly can anyone tell me why every thing works so slowly in our country. It has been week since I applied for an internet connection and I still have go to the cyber cafes.

P.S: Please excuse me for such an absurd title selection.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Rock Your Life

The other day I was watching the biography of Elvis Presley, the undisputed king of rock and roll. One of the most depressing facts about his and the life of many other famous stars is that they went through a lot of stress and trauma. Most of Rock artists have been drug addicts. Contrary to their stage lives and their immense popularity, their personal lives have either been lonesome or been a story of unsuccessful relationships. Their death at young ages just adds icing to cake of belief that their lives have been stressful. The dubious deaths of Kurt Cobain, Marilyn Monroe, Nafisa Joseph, Parveen Babi always puzzles my mind. What was it that they did not have in their life: money, fame, love or happiness? What caused them to take such drastic steps?

The answer probably lies in our own life. Every human being, at the end of day wants to be respected, appreciated, and most importantly loved by people around him. You feel good when people comment on your blog, when friends remember you, when your parents care about you, or when that somebody special loves you. Fame and money are mostly considered secondary to all this but I believe they are also important in person’s life. Love, money and fame in their order of preference are keys to happiness in life.
Satisfaction is another important factor when it comes to money, fame or success in short.

Now consider the lives of the stars albeit they had a huge fan following their lives lacked love and satisfaction. Thousands of unknown fans loved them, love that was superficial. Their life lacked a friend who could understand them. In some cases, their expectations from life and from themselves were just too much. Drugs probably just gave momentary respite from their worries and tensions but dependence on them just catalyzed their sickness.

We all have various aspirations, desires and expectations from life. We all have a side that we hide from every body. As Mark Twain says, “Every man, like the moon, has a side which he hides from the world”. However, a common thing we all want is love, so spread it as much as you can and believe me, more of that will always come your way.

Philosophy aside there is yet another important matter. Girls in India especially in Vadodara don’t seem to feel the heat. Ironically, they seem to wear more clothes in summer than winter. Forget mini’s they even cover their faces with clothes to resemble terrorists and frighten the men around them. I am not a brand ambassador of a sunscreen lotion but I strongly recommend them instead of such terrorizing means ;)

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

What ‘We’men want……

This is not the title of Mel Gibson’s next film and if he makes one with this name, remember you saw it here first.

I don’t know if it was a distaff’s work, but it shows their saturnine nature when they say “Men just want one thing”, Or when they say “Men are from mars, and women are just down to earth” (Tell them no man has ever been to mars).

Men want many things. Some men want this, some want that, and some of them want both this and that. Jokes apart,(PJ’s in) there are many more this and that’s we want. Here are some expectations/desires/(Things we want you to understand)

1. Flirting is not impious, god made you dainty, he made us so that we could appreciate your pulchritude. I hate it when they say “Tumhari maa behen nahin hai kya”( Don’t you have a mother and sisters), my answer would be “ Hai par girlfriend ki jarorat hai”( I have but I need a girlfriend J ).So let us ogle, it is genetic.

2. We love cars/computers just as you love lipsticks, nail polish…and what not and that doesn’t make us geeky.

3. Don’t categorize us when we fall for bimbettes , didn’t you know light travels faster than sound.

4. If your dad is smart and your brother is handsome, we aren’t Charlie.(Talking of Charlie Chaplin, another womaniser I would say, last married a woman less than One-third his age at 54,* Gosh how do these guys manage*, *Just cant stop the quizzer in me sometimes..*). Please stop juxtaposing us. So if we can’t ‘cut’ like Beckham, Blame the barber.

5. When your hubby/beau talks another woman, it doesn’t mean he is discussing sex, so please give us that modicum of tolerance.

6. Please respect (read love) genius and give us the credit, we have made life comfortable; save this specie from extinction.

7. If there are six days for days for soap operas, let there be a Sunday for cricket.

8. Men don’t cry doesn’t mean that men are not emotional.

9.Men do have orgasms, so what if yours is flavor of supplements and magazines these days.( Ok no more of this else they will categorize mine as an adult blog, but ain’t I an adult, so it is after all an adult’s blog )

10. Tenth is the ‘one’ thing you always say we wanted.

I believe men will always be Men, so even after saying all that, I would say,

“If there’s a way to man’s heart through his stomach, believe me there’s a shortcut through his ears and eyes”

So a bit of Cajolery and a nice smile and you would have us drooling all over you.

Ok, Please don’t call me a chauvinist after reading this, I am a feminist at heart and my next post will prove that to you.

P.S: Please see the quiz section in my sidebar.
And as I see it, I find no takers for the ‘Shout it section’, probably people just want to keep their views to their blogs , so I am closing that section. Any suggestions regarding a new section are invited.

P.P.S: A new addition to the biography section.” Oracle of Omaha” as they call him, Warren Buffett.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Six Days and Five Nights…….. And Now Bliss^∞+1

The last week was really stressful for me, I gave six exams in six days, like a marathon race, with each subject having an elephantine course.
Finally my exams have ended and now I have a two month long vacation ahead of me. I just have a month’s industrial training in between, else I am blissfully jobless for next two months. So,
Auspices of me becoming omnipresent on the blogsphere and spamming on your blog seem favorable.

Now when you have all the time in the world to watch movies, they aren’t any good ones around. I don’t understand why producers don’t see this period as a business opportunity, this is the time when most of the students are free and still they are not many movies around.

There is another small bit of news I want to share, I found this last week but didn’t have time to blog about it. According to Google (at present) I am the second most famous Anubhav Agarwal in this world. Search engine listing has really gained a lot of importance in the past few years. There are thousand of websites offering Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is popularly known. I have not used any of those services and probably the reason behind inclusion of my site is primarily Google's new policy of listing its blogspot site and like me, my name is also pretty unique in this world. Click the link below to see it.

Search for
Anubhav Agarwal.

It’s not a big deal but I am still happy about it.

For more information about working of google see my Google Bombing Blog.

Thursday, April 21, 2005


“Abe Waqt ka advance booking kara”

“Yahoo!! Mein Pass Ho gaya”

Well if you hear any of these shouts, be assured that you are in NIT Surat.You might also come across people, earnestly trying to show you that they have used close-up today.

If you are thinking we are rejoicing because our exams have finished, then you are wrong. These celebrations mark a week’s extension. There was some problem in my college, about which I pledge complete ignorance, which resulted in postponing of my exams by a week. ( So much for just this….Yeah!! we celebrate big time).

And I am back, doing what I am best at: Bugging people with ephemeral but eternal (sounds like an oxymoron) pleasures of my life…

Here are two interesting bits of facts, I found on a quizzing site.

Try answering these questions using your logic and check your answers at end,else you would spoil the fun.

Question 1: If you knew a woman who was pregnant, who already had 8 kids, three who were deaf, two who were blind, one mentally retarded, and she had syphilis; would you recommend that she have an abortion? ( Yes Or NO)

Question 2: It is time to elect the world leader and your vote counts. Here are the facts about the three leading candidates.

Candidate A: Associates with crooked politicians and consults with astrologers. He’s had two mistresses. He also chain smokes and drinks eight to ten martinis a day.

Candidate B: He has been kicked out of office twice. He sleeps until noon. He used opium in college. He drinks a quarter of whisky every evening.

Candidate C: He is a decorated war hero. He’s also a vegetarian. He doesn’t smoke. He drinks only an occasional beer. He hasn’t had any extramarital affairs.

Which of these candidates would be your first choice?


1). If you answered yes to the abortion question, you just killed Beethoven.

2) Candidate A is Franklin D. Roosevelt, Candidate B is Winston Churchill, Candidate C is Adolf Hitler

So what else? …As you might have guessed by now that I have nothing much to write so I am leaving you with few interesting links.

I didn’t know that people in the Border Roads Organization were so witty. See and smile.

Asgeir S. Nilsen a technology architect from Norway came up with this brilliant idea of searching both yahoo and google at the same time.
Visit YaGoohoo!gle.

He was followed by many others like YaGoo! Search which also allows you to do an image search and Search The 4 which searches four search engines at once.

And if you have not left already, you might be wondering how I managed to come up with such a boring post, well guys blame it on exams and because you have already achieved so much by managing to read all that (man that was….), please cross a final hurdle by commenting.

P.S : Saw "Zeher" (yeah the movie and not poison) today.... horrible...( And That was By far the shortest review ever given
by anybody).

And that's anubhav signing off..

but wait where's the sign( I wouldn't give you a chance to do forgery, by showing you my sign :D)

Again please blame it on exams.