Sunday, May 29, 2005

Do I need to talk?

Bunty and Babli vs Frank W. Abagnale?

Can India achieve 100% literacy?

What kind of a person I am?

Are You scrolling very fast?

Bungee Jumping?

Do I need to write?

Why didn't I put '?' as the title?

Why is it so easy to play with Windows registry?

Why are women poor communicators when it comes to matters regarding love?

‘e’motional- Somebody who moves on net…?

Why can’t I tell them?

Why do Indian police stations have guns used by dacoits of 1970’s and big tummies?

Did those three letters change my life?

Why do men fight?

Is Fame name of the Game?

Underwater diving?

Will Tata’s One lakh Car storm the Indian markets?

Why does Tom Hanks star in all great movies?

Do you think this is funny?

Why don't I read fiction?

What is more important in a F1 race the technology of the car or skills of the driver?

Why does every one chase money if it can't buy happiness?

Do you believe Michel de Notredame?

Do I believe in God and rebirth?

How can they blog so easily about their life?

Is Mary the historical person whose time has come?

Why is it so hard to make somebody smile, cry, believe, laugh?

Why Mountain View, California ?

Who and what am I searching for and when will my search end?

Brain Drain?

Does it matter to them? Do they know me? Do I need their help? Can they influence my life?

How were Spartans so brave?

Why did I start Blogging?

Why don't they have IVRS( Involuntary Retirement Scheme ) in Politics?

Is God man's greatest creation?

When will I stop?

Who has the Ark of the Covenant?

Will the BPO bubble burst like the IT bubble?

Will Leaders of this country ever think beyond secularism and communalism?

Do I need the book of the dead?

Why is Gujarat a dry state?

If matrix is an infinite loop then from where did the main computer get so much RAM?

How did Vyasa have such great vision and imagination?

Why did I write this post?

Will I delete this post?

Can You answer them?

Are there are more questions than answers?

Why were the questions so random?

Is that all I can think of? Or Was I getting bored?

Are you bored?

How did you manage to read this line without missing even a single question?

Or did you just scroll down to read the BOTTOM LINE?

Is this too much?

Will you stop me?

Can somebody who has read every question suggest a title?

What was this?

Did I have Vodka before writing this?

Confusions Of Dangerous Mind?

Friday, May 27, 2005

'In'sane Idiosyncrasies

There are three letters in the English alphabet that can make your day.

They are ‘L’ ‘O’ ‘L’.

I believe laughing or sometimes being proud of silly things you do in your day-to-day life is one most of the divine things to do. We all are a bit jocose in our lives and it takes only a bit of thought and realization of the same to bring a smile on our face. I am not the Charlie kind but laughing on myself really makes me happy and of course as no one has said before “An idle mind and a lazy body can be a clown’s workshop” especially during this auspicious time of year.

Before moving on, to all those “I am so smart” kind of people who have stumbled upon this blog by mistake, I advice clicking a sign on the upper rightmost corner of your screen.

Here are some silly things I keep doing…

1. The art of sleeping 12 hrs a day: Now this art is very difficult to practice especially in this hot weather and when your Mom allows you to use the A.C only for 7 of those 12 hrs. It might seem you as an utter waste of time; however, it has many intangible assets.

a. It can make your Mom happy because when you wake up at an hour before lunch, you save your from trouble of making a breakfast for you. Moreover, it helps me maintain my ‘averagely handsome’ body by quitting a meal.

b.For all those who believe that “history is made at night” a siesta is must. I prefer blogging at night and it keeps me in my engineering groove of night outs.

You can also have a bit of ‘mute TV’. An example of that would be any fashion channel or any channel where the ‘visuals’ are much important than the audio. So why wake your family members from their sleep.

2. I hate it, I loath to confess it, but it always brings a smile to my face at the end of the day. The phenomenon is automatic, instantaneous in its nature and albeit quite frequent, natural, and conspicuous for others, it is very difficult to realize for the one doing it.

As I have frequently pointed out, I am an unbashful appraiser of pulchritude. One of most frequent expression portrayed by me after I see a beauty is a gape. My female friends often grin evilly at the sight (not the male friends ...they are busy gapesing like me). It does bring about a bit embarrassment when asked by someone (usually a female) to stop gazing but at the end of the day, it brings one big smile on my face.

3. I am not a bathroom singer, but as uncanny as it might sound, I am a road singer I usually sing while driving (I hope that is not against law), a quality that I have inherited. However, there is no bathing without music, so once every day I forget my moral citizenship values and around 11.30 am my Woofers ( computer speakers) shout it loud “ It’s my life, its now or never….” as I enjoy my shower with a verbal cacophony of my own.

4. Apart from all this, I love watching movies, which I have already seen, especially the ones I love. Movies have taught me many things and I strongly believe some movies should be part of school curriculum. In future, I hope blog to about my favorite movies and things they have taught me.

5. I sometimes boast of having an ‘expensive’ taste when it comes to humor. I discard some of ‘sardar’ jokes cracked by my friends as cheap but normally end up laughing aloud at them when I am alone. Here’s one of them

A sardar says “ Why do these Americans keep boasting about wars they wage. We in India have a war everyday. As in SOM “WAR”( Monday), Mangal ‘WAR’( Tuesday)…

*Ok I know what you just said(cheap really cheap….)*

To end the post, here is another idiosyncrasy. I believe stupidity is best spread. So I continue the tag chain. I got a tag from deeps.

1. Total number of films I own on dvd/video : Not a single one..I am totally against ANTI PIRACY campaign I either rent pirated vcds or watch movies in halls.But I do have some movies stored on my hard disk if they count.

2. The last film I bought : How many times will I answer almost the same question? OK I don’t buy movies , my friends share movies on LAN or I watch them in halls.

3. The last film I watched: On TV: “Laws of attraction” great comedy .Jullian moore is the latest addition to my long hollywood crush list.
In theater: Bewafaa …. A horrible movie….Guess something comes original to our directors … “the art of putting 10 out of the place songs of 5 mins each in a 3 hr movie”

4. Five films that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me:- This one’s tough…the list is too long….I’ll continue in my future post

-->‘Forrest Gump’:- It has taught me one of the most beautiful lessons of my life “ self –lessness"

-->“ Castaway” : For me this is true definition of cinema, perfect direction,screenplay and acting.

-->“ A beautiful mind” : This movie always inspires, any time I am feeling a bit down, I watch this movie

-->Munna Bhai MBBS/ Hera Pheri/Jaane Bhi Do yaaron : Best comedies Indian cinema has to offer.

-->Gladiator/ The street car named desire : Great acting by rusell crowe and marlon brando.

5. Tag five people and have them put this in their journal: As I said before “ stupidity is best spread” ….so lets see I’ll tag niki, thespark, Namita, a_beautiful mind and Kroopa. Keep it going…

P.S : This is my longest post till date. I think i need to take a break .....

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

ecNOmic giANTS

India and China are the future economic giants; that’s what they say these days. The high riding economy, increase in FDI, and the setup of manufacturing/assembling units of major M.N.C.’s are just the indicators of this progress. The country produces a million graduates every year and major companies of U.S outsource their works to us. Looks like a fairy tale come true.

A look on the social side and you would find the cake is not sweet below the icing. On social grounds, or rather I should say moral grounds we are not there yet. We have look into many issues before we can call our country a developed one.

Crime against women: I do not support the statement that women are the weaker sex but still a country where crime against women is on high-rise cannot be called developed. The number of rapes has risen from last year. A more important fact is that majority were committed in the rural areas. The educational, moral and social rift between the urban and the rural class is getting wider. Presence of fundamentalists like Shiv Sena, VHP
and RSS is another big problem. Shiv-sena’s statement that revealing dresses invite rapes is quite bias and ridiculous. The psyche of people has to change and education has to play a major role in it.

There are many other poignant problems and we all know about them.

All I want say even if India is progressing a lot economically but social crimes are on rise. We might feel that economic progress can drive the social stability but that won’t be the case, money sometimes invites more crimes.

'Inspirations':There is yet another issue, which piques me a lot. The entertainment industry of our country claims to be the second largest in the world with a worldwide reach but its high time it learnt some ethics. Somehow, I cannot digest so-called ‘inspiration’ it draws from Hollywood. Leave alone movie-themes or songs these days even TV serials are exactly copied. Copying an idea can be tolerated sometimes, but copying scenes and patterns is just too much. Inspired creativity is not creativity. If at all a hindi remake of a successful foreign flick is made the fact should be acknowledged.

Finally Mallika Sherwat’s recent stint at the Cannes film just confirms the fact that beauty seldom comes with brain. I don’t understand how do people even find her sexy or beautiful. That dress she wore was worse than what daily wage poor workers manage. It’s good to look sexy but there ways to do it, probably she should have taken some tips from Salma Hayek ;) . The statement that she made was worse (wait I will just quote her).

She said, “I am here to kick some serious ass”. Wow not only revealing attire but also a blabbering mouth. There should be a sense of responsibility when you are representing your country at an international festival.

Lastly can anyone tell me why every thing works so slowly in our country. It has been week since I applied for an internet connection and I still have go to the cyber cafes.

P.S: Please excuse me for such an absurd title selection.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Rock Your Life

The other day I was watching the biography of Elvis Presley, the undisputed king of rock and roll. One of the most depressing facts about his and the life of many other famous stars is that they went through a lot of stress and trauma. Most of Rock artists have been drug addicts. Contrary to their stage lives and their immense popularity, their personal lives have either been lonesome or been a story of unsuccessful relationships. Their death at young ages just adds icing to cake of belief that their lives have been stressful. The dubious deaths of Kurt Cobain, Marilyn Monroe, Nafisa Joseph, Parveen Babi always puzzles my mind. What was it that they did not have in their life: money, fame, love or happiness? What caused them to take such drastic steps?

The answer probably lies in our own life. Every human being, at the end of day wants to be respected, appreciated, and most importantly loved by people around him. You feel good when people comment on your blog, when friends remember you, when your parents care about you, or when that somebody special loves you. Fame and money are mostly considered secondary to all this but I believe they are also important in person’s life. Love, money and fame in their order of preference are keys to happiness in life.
Satisfaction is another important factor when it comes to money, fame or success in short.

Now consider the lives of the stars albeit they had a huge fan following their lives lacked love and satisfaction. Thousands of unknown fans loved them, love that was superficial. Their life lacked a friend who could understand them. In some cases, their expectations from life and from themselves were just too much. Drugs probably just gave momentary respite from their worries and tensions but dependence on them just catalyzed their sickness.

We all have various aspirations, desires and expectations from life. We all have a side that we hide from every body. As Mark Twain says, “Every man, like the moon, has a side which he hides from the world”. However, a common thing we all want is love, so spread it as much as you can and believe me, more of that will always come your way.

Philosophy aside there is yet another important matter. Girls in India especially in Vadodara don’t seem to feel the heat. Ironically, they seem to wear more clothes in summer than winter. Forget mini’s they even cover their faces with clothes to resemble terrorists and frighten the men around them. I am not a brand ambassador of a sunscreen lotion but I strongly recommend them instead of such terrorizing means ;)

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

What ‘We’men want……

This is not the title of Mel Gibson’s next film and if he makes one with this name, remember you saw it here first.

I don’t know if it was a distaff’s work, but it shows their saturnine nature when they say “Men just want one thing”, Or when they say “Men are from mars, and women are just down to earth” (Tell them no man has ever been to mars).

Men want many things. Some men want this, some want that, and some of them want both this and that. Jokes apart,(PJ’s in) there are many more this and that’s we want. Here are some expectations/desires/(Things we want you to understand)

1. Flirting is not impious, god made you dainty, he made us so that we could appreciate your pulchritude. I hate it when they say “Tumhari maa behen nahin hai kya”( Don’t you have a mother and sisters), my answer would be “ Hai par girlfriend ki jarorat hai”( I have but I need a girlfriend J ).So let us ogle, it is genetic.

2. We love cars/computers just as you love lipsticks, nail polish…and what not and that doesn’t make us geeky.

3. Don’t categorize us when we fall for bimbettes , didn’t you know light travels faster than sound.

4. If your dad is smart and your brother is handsome, we aren’t Charlie.(Talking of Charlie Chaplin, another womaniser I would say, last married a woman less than One-third his age at 54,* Gosh how do these guys manage*, *Just cant stop the quizzer in me sometimes..*). Please stop juxtaposing us. So if we can’t ‘cut’ like Beckham, Blame the barber.

5. When your hubby/beau talks another woman, it doesn’t mean he is discussing sex, so please give us that modicum of tolerance.

6. Please respect (read love) genius and give us the credit, we have made life comfortable; save this specie from extinction.

7. If there are six days for days for soap operas, let there be a Sunday for cricket.

8. Men don’t cry doesn’t mean that men are not emotional.

9.Men do have orgasms, so what if yours is flavor of supplements and magazines these days.( Ok no more of this else they will categorize mine as an adult blog, but ain’t I an adult, so it is after all an adult’s blog )

10. Tenth is the ‘one’ thing you always say we wanted.

I believe men will always be Men, so even after saying all that, I would say,

“If there’s a way to man’s heart through his stomach, believe me there’s a shortcut through his ears and eyes”

So a bit of Cajolery and a nice smile and you would have us drooling all over you.

Ok, Please don’t call me a chauvinist after reading this, I am a feminist at heart and my next post will prove that to you.

P.S: Please see the quiz section in my sidebar.
And as I see it, I find no takers for the ‘Shout it section’, probably people just want to keep their views to their blogs , so I am closing that section. Any suggestions regarding a new section are invited.

P.P.S: A new addition to the biography section.” Oracle of Omaha” as they call him, Warren Buffett.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Six Days and Five Nights…….. And Now Bliss^∞+1

The last week was really stressful for me, I gave six exams in six days, like a marathon race, with each subject having an elephantine course.
Finally my exams have ended and now I have a two month long vacation ahead of me. I just have a month’s industrial training in between, else I am blissfully jobless for next two months. So,
Auspices of me becoming omnipresent on the blogsphere and spamming on your blog seem favorable.

Now when you have all the time in the world to watch movies, they aren’t any good ones around. I don’t understand why producers don’t see this period as a business opportunity, this is the time when most of the students are free and still they are not many movies around.

There is another small bit of news I want to share, I found this last week but didn’t have time to blog about it. According to Google (at present) I am the second most famous Anubhav Agarwal in this world. Search engine listing has really gained a lot of importance in the past few years. There are thousand of websites offering Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is popularly known. I have not used any of those services and probably the reason behind inclusion of my site is primarily Google's new policy of listing its blogspot site and like me, my name is also pretty unique in this world. Click the link below to see it.

Search for
Anubhav Agarwal.

It’s not a big deal but I am still happy about it.

For more information about working of google see my Google Bombing Blog.