Thursday, April 21, 2005


“Abe Waqt ka advance booking kara”

“Yahoo!! Mein Pass Ho gaya”

Well if you hear any of these shouts, be assured that you are in NIT Surat.You might also come across people, earnestly trying to show you that they have used close-up today.

If you are thinking we are rejoicing because our exams have finished, then you are wrong. These celebrations mark a week’s extension. There was some problem in my college, about which I pledge complete ignorance, which resulted in postponing of my exams by a week. ( So much for just this….Yeah!! we celebrate big time).

And I am back, doing what I am best at: Bugging people with ephemeral but eternal (sounds like an oxymoron) pleasures of my life…

Here are two interesting bits of facts, I found on a quizzing site.

Try answering these questions using your logic and check your answers at end,else you would spoil the fun.

Question 1: If you knew a woman who was pregnant, who already had 8 kids, three who were deaf, two who were blind, one mentally retarded, and she had syphilis; would you recommend that she have an abortion? ( Yes Or NO)

Question 2: It is time to elect the world leader and your vote counts. Here are the facts about the three leading candidates.

Candidate A: Associates with crooked politicians and consults with astrologers. He’s had two mistresses. He also chain smokes and drinks eight to ten martinis a day.

Candidate B: He has been kicked out of office twice. He sleeps until noon. He used opium in college. He drinks a quarter of whisky every evening.

Candidate C: He is a decorated war hero. He’s also a vegetarian. He doesn’t smoke. He drinks only an occasional beer. He hasn’t had any extramarital affairs.

Which of these candidates would be your first choice?


1). If you answered yes to the abortion question, you just killed Beethoven.

2) Candidate A is Franklin D. Roosevelt, Candidate B is Winston Churchill, Candidate C is Adolf Hitler

So what else? …As you might have guessed by now that I have nothing much to write so I am leaving you with few interesting links.

I didn’t know that people in the Border Roads Organization were so witty. See and smile.

Asgeir S. Nilsen a technology architect from Norway came up with this brilliant idea of searching both yahoo and google at the same time.
Visit YaGoohoo!gle.

He was followed by many others like YaGoo! Search which also allows you to do an image search and Search The 4 which searches four search engines at once.

And if you have not left already, you might be wondering how I managed to come up with such a boring post, well guys blame it on exams and because you have already achieved so much by managing to read all that (man that was….), please cross a final hurdle by commenting.

P.S : Saw "Zeher" (yeah the movie and not poison) today.... horrible...( And That was By far the shortest review ever given
by anybody).

And that's anubhav signing off..

but wait where's the sign( I wouldn't give you a chance to do forgery, by showing you my sign :D)

Again please blame it on exams.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Those Three Words...

The three words which can express an ocean of thoughts and a sea of emotions.…

The words which represent Quintessence of a vocabulary....

The three words he used everyday but never understood..

Those three words reverberate in his mind..…



Zzzzzz…..feeling sleepy eh??...wake up??

This might be worst kind of verse you ever stumbled upon, but these are not a king’s musings and I still haven’t traveled back in time to become one.

And most importantly the words aren’t what you are thinking…

Anubhav you #@$%^&&...what the **** is this

Chillax yaar the words are “FUNDOO” and “MAAL”

Maal( adj): No this is not Gujarati derivative of a mall; it is by far the most often used word in my college. It is only used, by the supposedly ‘unfairer’ sex when he extols the opposite sex.

Our college boasts of a huge campus with area running into a figures I can’t count on my fingers (bear my ignorance coz I don’t know the exact area) .

The denizens of the city have unabashedly made it into a jogger’s park. Every morning the middle aged men/women flock the campus with their cool gizmos; I have even thought of a penalizing them for this.(Consider this, many of them don't even know name of the college and don't give a damm to it).

The fairer side (pun unintended) of this unholy act is that some of them are accompanied by their daughters and that is when we sometimes spring into action. As soon as somebody in the first hostel notices something good, he initiates a communication processes faster than CDMA technology. His voice reaches and reverberates in the other hostels making sure that maximum students enjoy the sight. (Do I see an engineer smile?)

You might be tempted to classify the engineers as mopes, but this is ,as we call it a direct result of “ratio error” or the “ratio problem” (all engineers might have understood me).

The quality factor probably is other part of the same issue. And didn’t somebody say “Jeweler is precious than the diamond itself”.. .and man worships beauty. Have you ever wondered why portraits of gods and goddesses are always beautiful? Has anybody ever seen them??…ok too much of philosophical justifications …

FUNDOO ( adj): This word also used very frequently and always giving a tough fight to “maal” for the top spot.

Meaning: It can have several at meanings, judging its widespread use but in its most basic form the word is used to represent a person whose fundamentals are clear and can easily sail through examinations with bare minimum study.

Usage : "I am not a fundoo"

Regional Derivative: "fundoo ché ": Meaning something that is fundoo. Ché in gujarati means something “that is”…

At this point I must also mention about the college quiz club called Suché :Which in gujarati means “ What is it?” and this name is our tribute to the state we study in.

Where’s the third word you #$$@@## ..oh well that’s was just to give an edge to the title .… I am yet to find a third one which can possibly match the popularity of the above two.

Moral Of All that Crap: Not every post having serious title and some serious stuff written in italics needs to make sense….so next time you read on, be prepared.

P.S: Btw after all that crap I wish to give you guys a small break; as don’t intend be in the blogsphere for at least a fortnight due to my exams…till then please write better posts than this one for me to read and pray for me ,coz your prayers might come in handy for me.

Last but not the least it's happy birthday to Mr. Hugh Hefner a.k.a luky bast**d.Read more about this amazing businessman in my own biography section in the side bar.

P.P.S :Please be free to rant me on this so that i don't come up with such posts in

Friday, April 08, 2005

Time Travel: Back In the times Of Kamasutra

No this not a porno blog explaining you about various positions, ( what’s on your mind ;) ) , And if you didn’t know, I must tell you that only 20 % of Kama Sutra, an ancient Indian text, is on positions and the remainder gives guidance on how to be a good citizen and insights into men and women in relationships.( Please excuse such digressions they mark sudden rebirth of the quizzer in me) .

Ok, So where was I… ah time travel? As much I hate the concept of polygamy, I loath to confess that one of my ephemeral teenage fantasies was to be a promiscuous king cavorting with nubile women. (It’s just a fantasy, I want to mark this in bold and nothing more than that). So even in dreams, what were the possible options I had ?

a. Bump into hefner’s Beverly hills mansion and strike a 60-40 deal.
Considering that we share the same passion and same crush( Marilyn Monroe : Hefner even bought empty space to the left of Monroe's crypt for the pleasure of spending eternity next to his first "Sweetheart." Actually playmates were formerly called sweethearts and Marilyn was the first one….get back Anubhav)

Well this one seems impossible …so only option left is travel back in time to the age of kings .

So here comes the perennial question, "Is Time Travel possible?"
Albert Einstein, with his theory of special relativity, theoretically established possibility of time travel. No one has demonstrated it but no one has ruled it out either.As the genius said “Time slows as an object approaches the speed of light” , so if there was a way to travel faster than the speed of light then you could travel back in time.

For those who have already started exploring wild possibilities of this, here comes the bomb, as of now traveling faster than speed seems impossible so traveling back in time is almost ruled out.

But to travel in future is not as difficult ( Are you nuts???)

No I am quite serious.. Let me introduce the concept of Time Dilation

“Time dilation is the slowing-down of the passage of time as experienced by people or objects moving in relation to an observer”

A famous explanation of concept is twin’s paradox.

Suppose Ram and Shyam ( could not find two more obvious names for the twins) each have a accurate clock ( something like a cesium clock). Now Ram sits in a space ship and travels away from earth at a speed close 80% that of light and comes back after some time, then Ram would as ‘return younger’ to shyam, because according to special relativity time passed faster for Shyam than for Ram.
Confused between Ram and Shyam??

In accurate terms time for person traveling close to speed of light will slow down, so he would be younger than the person who stayed on earth, when he returns.
When astronauts return back from they return into their future , probably just by nano seconds.

People who want to dig more into this, can read about it here.

For a java applet explaining the concept please visit this site.

As for me I would have to wait till science devises a way traveling faster than speed of light. :)

I had read about this concept of time travel long ago and had almost forgotten it , but moving around in blogsphere I came across this Blog, it had a musing about time and time travel. This inspired me to blog on this topic.

Monday, April 04, 2005

The common man ..

The common man :Unretentive;Apathetic;Fastidious.

This one’s for the common man. You and me….

He forgets – the good ones, the bad ones, and the ugly ones. The common man has most unretentive memory, surrounded by cobwebs of his own worries and tensions he hardly thinks about national issues or about other people. He demands perfection from his cricketing heroes, he gives them godly status. He is easily mislead by the equivocating statements of politicians.

23rd march 2002: Two movies based on Bhagat Singh's life are released on the Indian box office. Bhagat Singh is all over the media. News channels show glimpses of his life and journalists write half page articles on his struggle and his sacrifices.

23rd March 2005: None Of The Newspapers even mention him on his death anniversary.

47% of Indians in today's TOI poll wanted him to step down (even the majority on my site poll say that). He is facing poignant criticism from all over the country. Have we forgotten that Saurav Ganguly is most successful Indian captain ever? Just because he is going through a rough patch , we demand him to step down?. Please recall that poor personal form of captains is nothing new to cricket, especially to Indian cricket, greats like Brian Lara & Sachin Tendulkar have been through the same phase and they weren’t even successful as captains.

Satyatendra Dubey: A common man with uncommon amount of courage. Do you remember this guy who waged a one man battle against corrupt Indian bureaucracy? His soul still awaits justice , Is this the tribute the man deserved.

Ok, Everybody has his own view on denial of visa to Narendra Modi on basis of his alleged involvement in the riots of 2002. But even congress is alleged to have steered the 1984 sikh riots , then why isn’t anyone demanding the Nanavati Commission report to be made public.

Here’s another example : Does anyone remember about the Jessica Lall murder case, Natasha singh murder case, and BMW case. The cases have many things in common.

Jessica Lall murder case: A female bartender and an aspiring model shot dead by Manu Sharma, son of former Union minister Vinod Sharma after she refused to serve him drinks.

BMW Case: Sanjeev Nanda, grandson of former chief of naval staff Admiral S.M. Nanda, allegedly killed six people including two policemen when he rammed his BMW into them on a cold January night.

Natasha Singh, daughter-in-law of senior Congress leader K Natwar Singh, found murdered in a five star hotel in New Delhi

a. They were all based in capital city of our country.
b. All of them are high profile cases involving sons of former or present ministers.
c. Witnesses have turned hostile in all of them.
d. Judgment is still pending in all of them.

I know judicial system in our country is really suffering because of politics and many other factors.
But just blaming the politicians for any everything and anything under the sun is not a solution. It’s because of our apathy towards politics and various other fields such problems have arisen. Let us, as youth of this country be more retentive and cognizant.

There are many things we can do… I’ll reserve that for my future posts…actually feeling too sleepy now, 5.30 am another night out … just can’t stop them.

I am Back….

Neo said that I was sleeping, well actually I was busy, and when an engineer like me says he is busy then you got to agree coz I normally have ample time to waste.

Well I escaped the Test week unscathed, though had some problems with the electrical subjects (Networks never works :) ) but that’s what you can expect from the nefarious Electrical Engineering department of our college ( Thank god I have just two electrical subjects).

UFM (Un-Fair Means)

One of the major factors that helped me in clearing my tests, with absolutely not more than a days study for each subject was, “deskritti”, as I call it, from graffiti: scribbling or drawing on desks. Writing those intricate little details which your volatile memory refuses to remember.

I know it doesn’t etymologically match with graffiti but then who cares :).

In my school life I never used such means and still sometimes repent using them but then with type of pedagogues my department has, with their own ingenious ways of assessment, I guess everything is fair. I remember one of the faculty members commenting after showing us our answer papers, “You should write your papers as if you were a novelist”. Normally they would expect us to produce an exact carbon copy of the textbooks they use and length of answers is always important criterion. Sometimes papers are not even checked and marks are given on basis of past assessment often very biased.

But then life goes on and even I have adapted my own ways to deal with it....