Thursday, December 22, 2005


Off to bombay in few days, so no blogging for some time now.

Lets's get Personal!

I got this idea after watching a movie. I thought I have written more than 50 posts on my blog, but none of my posts have been about me, or just about me. Almost all of them have been written or shall I say composed. Anyways I thought its time I'll post something about myself which directly comes from my heart or my brain or whatever onto to the keyboard. So I am going write anything that comes to mind this time.(See I wrote that too!).

Ok yes, so where was I about me. Ah! you have read my profile for sure so I ain't going to write anything stereotypic here. One reason I have never written much about myself is that when i started blogging i read somewhere an arguement against blogs, that blogs would never get far than kinky diaries or sweet little confessions which nothing-to-do-types would read or pretend to do so. As for diaries i seriously believe in the fact(believe me its a fact) that 98% of people who write diaries want them to be read secretly, probably because they were never had the courage to talk about it. But i am writing as a future reference, something I'll would like to read in future and i dont mind anybody else reading it coz aint going to write anything i dont want anybody else to know. Just know how I was when at the age of 20, sounds stupid but then you got to do some stupid things in life too. So lets call a character photograph..wierd name too!

Most people who know me would agree that I the most laziest in my entire family including relatives counting all generations. I can kill time like anything sleeping,eating,watching movies and dreaming. I am sure I would have dreamt more than 3/4 of my future life by now in numerous circumstances both good and bad. Day dreaming or dreaming at night any time of the day its not hard for me. whenever i get time. I was quite a studious guy when i was at school, may be i had to be/was expected to be or may didnt have anymore options. I sucked royally at almost outdoor sports coz I never took them seriously but tried them and failed them all. All the ball games.

i love travelling in trains alone and passing time standing at door.Looking at the life around you may be the just the way they show in the hindi movies of the 80's and early 90's-Swaying out arms ofcourse tightly clutched to the safety handles or bars. Probably started doing this may be as early teenage stunts to impress somebody interesting but still love to do that everytime i am travelling alone from baroda to surat or back.

I never have been able figure out if I am an introvert or extrovert I behave very differently in different cricumstances. Was nominated for the title of most talkative person at my school farewell function. Missed that award but pledged that day that from here on..will try to control my tongue just a little bit. My college life started pretty horribly , had really weird roomates in my first year, life almost seemed like hell then. But later i felt that i needed that sort of an experience probably just to know the world. I have always believed in god but never in idol worship.

One thing i really miss in my life is probably doing crazy stuff..something which i can call crazy....Even though sem to have broken all rules,done many weird things, but never really felt they were crazy after doing them. So probably would love to do something crazy like scuba diving or travelling half the country on a bike in future.

I think can continue writing but i am very sleepy i will continue this may be sometime in future.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Well,its the Idea Wave

futureme...Go check it out.Have not used it but its kinda fun reading public entries.What Sh!t people write.

Well I have been doing this for some time now, I am used to writing reminders in my mobile for future dates.(Not exactly the same eh??).Last reminder I wrote is supposed to remind me of yesterday when I am 30 yrs old.This also prevents me of buying a new mobile, because I am really in love with my first mobile.See how big a miser I am.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Shut Up!

“One of the major problems I have faced in my class is to get my Japanese students to speak up and my Indian students to shut up." As told to Mr. Narayan Murthy by a Harvard professor,his friend.

Mr. Murthy adds," We Indians should stop debating and start executing"

As said in "Changing India" a special event hosted by NDTV with Bill Gates and Narayan Murthy as guests in converstaion with Prannoy Roy.

Makes sense doesn't it? We Indians debate and discuss too much, whether it’s the parliament or the TV talk shows. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean that we should debate just for the sake of doing it. Debates must lead to a conclusion.

Start Doing things, rather than just speaking.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

"This country has no future.."

This thought flashed my mind, when I was reading R.K. Laxman's interview by Sonia Faleiro.Do read it very interesting.

“Moving on to the Common Man. How has he evolved in recent times?
I’ve written about it and spoken about it. You’re asking the same
question. Why don’t you read my autobiography? (The Tunnel of Time.)

I have. It describes the creation of the Common Man. I’m asking
how he evolved.
There’s no change. He is as permanent as the moon,
stars. They don’t change, nor does he.”

R.K Laxman can be considered as of the few Indians who have seen it all, all of what this country has seen for past four decades or so. The dour determination with which he answers the question just confirms the stature of this man. Being a cartoonist I am sure he was always more aware of political, social and economic condition of our country presumably at any time in the history of his career.

Perhaps that’s what makes him despair, bereft of all hopes, for the common man.

Another thing that bemuses a bit is a touch of melancholy in his words, something unexpected from a man so successful, or perhaps that’s just his style.

“Frustu” as we call them in our lexicon.

But I believe hope is what makes wheel’s turn, and keeps life ticking. I hope I a won’t be see a day when say to my grandchildren( I am not sure I will be interviewed at the age of 75.)… “This country has no future.”

Life goes on….and will keep going on. To end this, I defiantly announce that this my 50th post, quite a slow start, I guess, for somebody who be started blogging 9 months ago. Perhaps I am playing a test match and I hope to reach the four figures one day. After all nobody’s going to drop me from the test team..(bad!!)


" an art which is best practiced during the day and executed during the night"

by my friend Potu.Master of the art, I am just an amateur at.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

We Pay them

Cricket is a Funny game, but this time around the selectors made it more grotesque. On 14th December 2005 India recorded an emphatic 188 run victory over Srilanka. Soon after the selection committee announced the team for the third test against Srilanka dropping Saurav Ganguly, the most successful Indian captain till date. This decision whetted quite many emotions, sparked off indignation among many of the million.

There are people on both sides of the ring as expected. Some support his exclusion as a brave step with the future in mind while others say there is no reason but politics behind his exclusion.
To each his own view, I am more inclined towards his inclusion simply because I feel that tests require more experience than ODI’s and Saurav certainly strengthens the Indian middle order. I feel it important to mention at this juncture, something which might be considered as a veritable display of modesty being an Indian that I don’t consider myself as a cricket expert.

I am more unnerved by the timing of the decision, lack of accountability by the selectors and finally lack of respect to a great Indian captain. In fact I find some of the reasons given by bloggers more justifiable for his exclusion than the selectors. More importantly I want you to answer a simple question.

What makes BCCI the richest board in world cricket?
Ans. A million Indians.

Why do I keep saying a million Indians is another matter of deep concern, for I believe there’s hardly anyone in our country who knows how many of us are here.

Anyways, we’ll think about that sometime later. I feel that BCCI and the selection board should be more accountable to Indians. Here’s a brief description of our selection committee.

“North’s Bhupinder Singh (Sr) featured in a couple of ODIs, never quite coming
into contention for a Test berth.

The other two, Sanjay Jagdale (Central) and East’s Ranjib Biswal, never got beyond the domestic first-class

Indeed, even among the old-timers — West’s Kiran More and
V.B.Chandrasekhar (South) — the former alone has played both Tests and ODIs.
Chandrasekhar had seven ordinary appearances in the sport’s chota version.”

Source This artcile from the Telegraph.

I feel the best should only be the part of the selection committee. BCCI’s esteemed constitution should be amended so that it is more accountable to the people of this country. I don’t hesitate even a bit to say that indirectly we pay them. They are rich because cricket is worshipped in our country.

Nayan Mongia I remember was gifted a similar kind treatment. And then again, Have they forgotten about Zaheer khan and Balaji.

Our selectors have to be more accountable and respectable.

In the midst of all

Below are links to some posts which I found interesting to the present controversy.

Gaurav Sabnis paints a grotesquery of comparison between the classic Brutus vs Caesar and the present Dravid vs Ganguly.
"Have a frank chat with Ganguly, and leave him alone with a gun and a single bullet,metaphorically speaking. Tell him that things have reached a point of no return, but that he still deserves to go out like a General. Give him a leeway of a few tests and suggest to him that he announce his retirement. Surely, they could afford to give him that much
Nothing can be more agreeable, they not only can afford to give him a leeway, but they and Indian cricket owes that much to Ganguly. Much like what Australian cricket did to Steve Waugh.

An interesting article in the telegraph vehemently protesting against his exclusion.

Here’s another by a popular blogger talking about all the obfuscation that presently surrounds the Indian cricket.

And finally a theory that justifies Ganguly’s exclusion.

If you wanted know more about Wasim Jaffer, who is in the team in place of Saurav.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Too much to say....

I am writing after a very long time, much more than a month I guess. But believe me when I say that I had no intentions of obliterating my blog this way. I think it’s quite difficult to restart blogging if you have been away for a long time. Call it hiatuses due to indolence.

I have a proclivity for writing reviews (though haven’t written many of them) especially of movies I have seen and keep seeing and… ∞ because I watch a lot. I am sure many of you might claim to do so but I am sure there aren’t many who can compete with me. Some movies are really progenies of creativity, they really exhort you to think and express your views. So I had thought that as soon as my exams finish I would start writing reviews of movies I adore.

Well 15 long somnolent days of my vacation have passed since that impetuous resolution of mine and I haven’t started yet. I thought of starting today but would spare my readers from my soporific reviews first up.

Miss Iceland, Unnur Birna new Miss world was crowned the new miss world today. Though I missed the final live telecast I had seen some of the initial stages. I liked the way they conducted the initial stages. But I find this system of user sms voting a bit incongruous at least to this scenario. I know it’s a real gold mine for the telecom service providers for the obscene amount of money they charge per sms and it has become quite a de rigueur in the flurry of reality shows we have seen in the recent past in our country. Quite suits to scenario of this world’s biggest democracy.

Anyways back to that Miss world situation, even though the votes were only for the initial rounds, but think of those voluptuous beauties from small nations of Americas (Venezuela, Costa Rica…) whom I ‘look ‘ forward to every year. I am sure they didn’t get the advantage like the Indian beauty got from the hugely unsuccessful family planning policy of our country. I crave for justice “Me laard”…

Even more ludicrous is system of sending “get well soon” and “congratulations” messages for your stars to various news channels. Nothing is more preposterous than this; for whom is this presumptuous display affection? For the star, who I am sure doesn’t even read one of those messages? Or the T.V channel and Mobile service provider who make cool bucks from this just by displaying the message on a marquee display in a small strip at the bottom. If it got do with auctioning your EQ or literary prowess I am sure there are better ways.

Every day we see news channels doing this, Amitabh’s ill send in your messages, Sachin created world record in test cricket congratulate him…

I just have two words for people who fall for this… “Get Real”...