Monday, April 19, 2010

Poetry and else

I was never good at languages, neither cared much about literature while at school and it was only in college when i  started reading fiction actively.  My mother tongue is Hindi, my mother still teaches Hindi and writes amazing poems,but Hindi poetry eluded me most of my school life. However, if there was ever a curve to represent my love for poetry it must be at its peak around this time and within the past year, a time, which i dreadfully admit has been quite difficult for me. Dreadfully, because of i fear still, if it will end. I had read somewhere that if there would have been no pain and no misery,we would have missed the best things in art. I can't find that essay now, but i remember it ended by saying that if Kafka and Mozart would have always been happy,Gregor Samsa would have never woken up to find himself transformed into an insect and most of world's music wouldn't have existed. I tend to agree to that.

Anyways coming back to the post; i don't know if this is the reason for my new found love for hindi poetry but i truly seem to enjoy it these days. It's not that i didn't understand poetry earlier, its just that the admiration for the words and their depth has been a new phenomenon.Although i still enjoy the poetry most when it is sung, with good music and voice taking the experience of listening to some beautifully written words almost out of this world.  More so, i have been really enjoying the resurgence of good hindi poetry in Bollywood songs.  Below are some mentions of some of my favorite works in different genres. I am not quoting them here or providing interpretations and translations here. There already many of them on web, i am just linking to the ones i found most appropiate.

As far as Hindi mainstream songs with poetic touch are concerned, Piyush Mishra's 'Duniya' from 'Gulaal', Gulzar's 'Dil toh Bachcha hai' from Ishqiya, 'Tu Raja ki Raj Dulari' from 'Oye Lucky Lucky oye', 'Dhan Tan' and 'Kaminey' from the movie 'Kaminey' and finally 'Aaoge Jab tum' from 'Jab we Met' are some of my recent favorites. I am sure there would be many more and i am in no hurry to find them.Serendipity, i feel, is best in cases like these.

Besides these, Harivansh Rai Bachhchan's 'Madhushala' and Kabir's Dohas have been my all time favorites. Kabir's Dohas in particular, are hallmarks of simplicity and profundity. In just two lines, Kabir touches society,philosophy,spirituality and other realities of our existence. A weaver by profession, he literally weaves magic, if you'd ask me. At this point, let me also give you a link to a wonderful site to explore and understand Kabir's Poetry. Rajender Krishnan through Boloji has not only compiled and translated some of Kabir's best known Dohas, he has also delved deep into subtle meanings of the words Kabir employs and also cared to explore the historical background in which these works were created.  Some of my favorite Kabir's Dohas are 'Chalti Chakki' and 'Guru Gun'. This blog has some of Kabir's songs and links to there modern renditions. Indian Ocean's Jhini Re Jhini is one such beautiful rendition of a song by Kabir with an amazing Fusion music.

Madhushala can be found at various sources, but most famous is of course is Amitabh's short rendition as a tribute to his father. I especially love the verse that says, "Pathik Pyaar se peena isko Phir na milegi madhushaala."

Another great site to explore poetry is Audio Poetry. I found that one back in college while looking for a audio rendition of 'Hazaron Kwahishyein'. It has one of most exhaustive collections i have ever seen. One final mention about a poem that i across through a friend's status message on Facebook.It's titled Jeevan nahi mara Karta by GD Neeraj.  Here is the complete text.

There are ofcourse many poems which i read as part of my course studies in school but not many have stayed, although i would have found them interesting then. As i said above, serendipity is best when it comes discovering new art works, may be i'll discover one them some day. Also, don't immediately click on all the stuff mentioned above. Read , take your time, explore some stuff and then forget. And then one day when you suddenly remember about it, try to search for it and find something new. You'll love it more.

P.S. I recently got a random compliment that it is amazing that i have managed to keep this blog alive for such a long time now.Although i accept it has had many long and short comatose periods,but not counting 2009, during which i never blogged, this is the fifth year of this blog. :)

Most of my friends, advertise their blogs at different places in efforts to draw more crowd and seek more recognition for their works, or probably involve more people in the discussion. Whatever be the intention, there is  ofcourse absolutely nothing wrong with it. I remember when i started this blog drawing inspiration from Nikhil, even i loved to have lot of comments on my blog. But after all these years - i don't know if you can call that growing up or being purely lackadaisical -  i am just content enough to put my thoughts here and forget the rest. May be when i am 50, i'd revisit this page to find out what i was thinking during my early quarter life crisis :D

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