Thursday, November 01, 2007

5th Asian Film Festival

The 5th Asian Film festival kicked off yesterday in pune with the screening of 'Poet Of Wastes' by Mohamad Ahmadi.

The festival is supposed to cover the best of Asian cinema in recent years along with tributes to directors like Akira Kurosawa and Ingmar Bergman.

Poet Of Wastes:

Poet Of wastes is a story of an optimistic young man in Iran who dreams of becoming a poet,but due to lack of opportunities and rampant unemployment ends being a street cleaner. In course he gets involved with an old poet,whose life is in danger and a lonely woman who is desperately trying to get visa to leave the country after the death of her fiance.

The film scores well on cinematography with some great shots like the one below.The scene shows the girl,disappointed,returning from the embassy, while saber(the protagonist) waits for her on a street that is covered with leaves. As she enters,saber cleans the path by sweeping the leaves right and left,and all the while looking down with his face filled with joy.

The film also highlights the major problems of the country like unemployment,Brain Drain and lawlessness.

There's a conversation between the poet and Saber which goes like this:

Saber: I know you are a poet.Are you famous?
Poet: Don't you see my photo on milk bottles,I am a cow. I am a cow which eats grass and gives milk,and has stayed here while all others have left.

Overall the movie is pretty decent and much better than what bollywood is offering these days.

P.S: The Festival poster at top is of the movie Baran by Majid Majidi,hope to see that movie during the festival.

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d4u said...

Sounds like a cool movie..and I liked the movie name too...Nice to know thatu enjoyed!

JDB said...

Hello Vaibhav.. you have got a good list of Top movies all time. Why don't you post one dedicated to these or come up with more. This'll help ppl like me who has loads of time to watch movies and hi-speed lan connection.. :)

anubhav said...

hey can try any movies on my list..most of them are good..also you can check out posts in movies label.

btw the name's Anubhav :)

JDB said...

ohh sorry yaar.. yeah its Anubhav..

quetzalcoatl said...

seems u r havin a good time nowadays...
i watched majidi's children of was also awesome....

anubhav said...

yeah that,best of Iranian I must say..!