Thursday, July 19, 2007

Of Widows and Puppets

Long time ago there was a widow, with a very famous black and white centre parting, a widow who was once called a witch and a mother of a country, a mother who was probably controlled by her son, and a son who didn't want other men to have their sons. The widow installed a Cambridge educated puppet on the nation’s highest post.

The widow, who was mother of a country, with the help of the puppet, gave birth to a child. The child saved her seat and gave her lot of power over her other child, the country.

Today there’s another widow, a widow who was once called a goddess and a freedom fighter, a widow who before becoming a widow was married to a widow’s son and a widow,who unlike her mother widow,once gave her seat to get power. The widow today, is in process of creating and repeating history. She is installing another puppet on the country's highest post.

But this widow, also Cambridge educated, with a black and almost white centre parting, is cleverer. She doesn’t have a seat but she has strings and puppets, so although she has gained everything, she’ll never lose anything.

Perhaps a lot of the older widow has leaked into the present widow and a lot of Salman Rushdie's midnight's children has leaked into me.

4 Voices:

quetzalcoatl said...

aaah....thnx a lot...u hav said what most of the countrymen would have liked 2 say...this new one & her son can't even speak poper hindi!!!..... u remind me of those days in SVR where we had nothin beter 2 do but discussin politics...& tht meant cong & commie bashing....

anubhav said...

yeah those times were awesome..god knows what this widow and her son would to our country.

Ashish Waghray said...

well, I have to agree tht the gandhi family have treated India as their property since indira. However, when for the first time BJP got their chance, the showed their color too. The politics of India is so dirty tht it almost lures you to trust a foreigner than your own politician. But you realize tht they are all same.

anubhav said...

@ Ashish
Yes,may be they are all the same. But I never wanted to compare with BJP.All of this seemed funny and I just wrote it :)