Thursday, March 08, 2007

Movies that I am dying to see.

I think this post will be edited and re-edited for many days to come. For some days I have been thinking of making a list of movies which are rated high on imdb(greater than or equal to 8) or which are criticall acclaimed with a great plot and are not in imdb top 250. Most of these films are foreign.

Another subset of this list would really be the movies I am dying to see,dying because I am not downloading and can't do that for atleast 2 months now. Also there is no sweet bastard in this world who would do that for me. Third and may be the foremost reason is that I have ample of time courtesy Daler Mehndi,who is going to sing in my college;my lack of ambition and bad career prospects( I am surely joining IT now).

ok,Lets start with the list,as I said this post might remain at the top for some days to come as I don't think its feasible for me to finish the list in one go. Secondly I am not giving any links and some foreign titles have been translated into English. Films which are there in top 250 have a star against them and lastly the list random and not sorted. The serial numbers do not signify any kind of rating.

1. La Dolce vita
2. La Strada
3. Nights Of Cabiria *
4. Hidden Fortress *
5. Dersu Uzala
6. Yojimbo *
7. The Deer hunter *
8. Raging Bull *
9. Chungking Express
10. Fanny and Alexander
11. Through a glass darkly
12. The sea Inside
13. A man for all seasons
14. Ulysses' Gaze
15. Band of Outsiders
16. Breathless
17. Farewell My Concubine
18. Wild Strawberries *
19. Barry Lydon
20. Singing in the Rain *
21. The Bicycle Thief
22. The virgin Spring
23. Meghe Dhaka Tara
24. Children Of Heaven
25. Day for Night( God French new wave)
26.The Exterminating Angel( Surrealistic cinema,when?)
27.Aguirre: The Wrath of God
28.Phantom of Liberty
29. Katha( I have seen parts of this movie,want to see it again)

Thats it I am tired as of now,more later.

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Reel Fanatic said...

If I may, I'd recommend two to start with .. Breathless and Chungking Express are just perfect flicks in my book, and I am certain you will enjoy them

anubhav said...

thanks man,I'd be happy to start with any of them,problem is I have to hunt for them..

utsav mamoria said...

well it seems i have a lot to catch up with ...havent even heard of any of these..anyways all the best for hunting

Thilak said...

you should probably check out Akira's and Ingmar's movies before the rest.

Being a de niro fan, I would ask you to check out 'The deer hunter' and 'The raging bull' first.

'Surreal' the genre itself is a heavily dosage. You may check out Bunuel's 'Exterminating Angel'.

All good choices..Wide variety like 'The Bicycle Thief', 'Children of heaven', 'Chunking express' and 'Aguirre'. I am sure you're going to have a great time. How much do I yearn to trade places and relive the first-time experience watching those movies.. Never felt better than watching a great movie..ENJOY!

Rajeev said...

Great list man!
I've seen about 5 of'em :)
try these also...
* Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain
* Un long dimanche de fiançailles
* Perfume - A Story of A Murderer
* Before Sunrise
* Bang Bang You're Dead
* Io non ho paura
* hacking democracy

Peace & Love

Culture Shiok! said...

Great movies you have here