Saturday, October 15, 2005

Sue Me, I am a Blogger

A sort of war has spurted between IIPM and Indian Bloggers. It all started with Jam, a popular youth Magazine publishing a report about IIPM. Many Indian Bloggers, including me (they have even spammed my post, sorry a bit of narcissist at heart) linked to web version of that report. Gaurav Sabnis, a popular Indian blogger, was issued a legal notice some days back by IIPM because of the same.

Desipundit, is covering the controversy remarkably well. You can access all the links from their blog. Apart from more pretentious facts unearthed, there are some lampoons also in store.

I just want to point a couple of things here, first its high time that the so called dubious “IT ACT” of Indian constitution is amended to clearly point the rights of speech an Indian citizen through various information mediums.

Second if IIPM can sue people of defaming it as an educational institution wonder what it has to say their own perverse tag line “ Think beyond IIMs”…

Now there are about zillion other things I want to write about but with exams and submissions around the corner I don’t have much time on hand. Anyways, almost all these issues in one way or the other have been covered by other Indian Bloggers.

A word of advice, all Bloggers can stop spam comments from automatic online bots by activating the word verification comment policy. It can be found in the comments tab of Bloggers settings.

Now I have submissions next week, then exams so might not be blogging unless I am sued myself.

Btw that title is Kiruba Shankar’s idea , he apparently has thought of this as a wonderful tee for all Bloggers.

I came across a quote from the movie "The silence of the lambs", found it quite interesting. Here it goes...

"First principles, Clarice. Read Marcus Aurelius of each particular thing ask:
what is it in itself? What is its nature"

Friday, October 07, 2005

Feel like a ….Man

Yes that could be a tagline for the next undergarment ad or is it already. Read this if you have absolutely nothing else to do. Just some incoherent lines to tell me what’s going on?..

I turned 20 yesterday. They say life is journey of continuous retrospection, I wonder if mine has been, sometimes the days just keep slipping of your hand while you to try catch them. Two weeks have past since I last wrote. While I was really ebullient during the first week, the second one was really enervating.

First came the elections, although politics has always interested me, I have never been good at it. I connived to help my friend win, this might sound pompous, but I am sure my vote was important in the end. Guess every one has his day, settled a long standing duel this time. Nevertheless I was happy after the results. Strategic politics is what interests me, not dirty the one. Politics in my college could be defined as the power politics. Politics is a time when the most frivolous people are suddenly lionized. Not sure if I am a victim, but then who cares, I got what I wanted.

Then came VOX POPULI, it was an intercollegiate fest, by PT in which I took organizational responsibilities. I wanted to write a report after it, but just didn’t have the time. I have been often told that I am really hyperactive; I realized it during the event. Anyways the event was successful, at least my part was. I coordinated Role Play and looked after marketing in my college was happy by the outcome of both. The event also had debate competition which was also good. It was coordinated by winners of last year’s competition from my college. Organizing role play was nice in two ways, first it was sort of an event which was I organizing for the first time and I had no previous experience of it so learned lot. Second I came across some really interesting people apart from the hot gujju maal. The chief coordinator was more of a behind the scenes man he really coordinated very efficiently. I still one remember his statements. He said “I am just trying to pull strings”… The PT centre head was also interesting to work with. I was amazed with the ease with which he solved problems. All in all a good experience for me, but I have promised myself, to abstain from all organizing responsibilities in future, they really are time consuming.

I have been really working petulantly since then, just in the forlorn hope that I will get some time.

I am presently reading “English, August”, quite delightful as it is touted, plan to come out with a review later. I have never read “The Gita” , but I came across a few lines from it in the book.

Arjuna says “The mind is restless Krishna”

Krishna replies, “The mind is indeed restless, Arjuna; it is indeed hard to train, but by constant practice and by freedom from passions the mind can be trained.”

I found it really relevant to my present life. May be what Gita and Marcus are to Agastya (protagonist of the novel), English, August is to me.

Watched “The green Mile” yesterday after I narrowly escaped a GPL from my clique( speaking in more formal terms, their rendezvous with my ass) , was supposed to be late night treat for myself, didn’t turn out to be. I set out to write a review for it, but what started as a glimpse of past few weeks ended as personal rhetoric. The movie wasn’t as good as I expected it to be, the name Tom Hanks creates expectations. Guess the script wasn't that good.

Next in queue is the “ Italian Job” haven’t heard much of it, no such expectations from it. Got a four hr lecture on EBM in the morning by DB Don, as he is fondly called, they say you got to attend his lecture after all he is the training and placement coordinator, might screw your placements . Plan to catch some sleep in the hall tomorrow.

I think I can be blogging regularly only during my vacations, lets see when the next comes out.